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LIN announces new single Memento-Mori

LIN has announced their new single \m/ The one-type CD, Memento-Mori, contains 4 new songs and will be released on 2015-04-15. The band will reveal their new look on March 1st, kick off their next tour on March 10th, and hold their tour final oneman, Memento-Mori~Embrace of Utopia~, on 2015-05-31.

Those who purchase Memento-Mori from the official web shop will receive a 30 minute live + comment DVD.


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sheepprincessgara / January 01, 2015 Reply
That's odd...when did they leave Plug Records West? :/ Sneaky Kisaki...
Oh well, I can't wait for this new single!! *__* ♥ Been waiting for an announcement like this!!
Vadio / January 01, 2015 Reply
Great! Waiting for the new songs. Also, I agree that this "wyze iD factory" seems a little fishy, but who knows...kinda weird that he left Plug Records West and didn't say something about it.
inartistic / January 01, 2015
Maybe Chaotic Resistance had such poor sales that PRW didn't want to continue with LIN, lol