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LIN and Tatoeba join Kansai promotion group NANIWA V

LIN and Tatoeba join Kansai promotion group NANIWA V

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) have announced their participation in the newly-established Kansai visual kei promotion group NANIWA VK Rengougun (NANIWA V系連合軍)!!

What's NANIWA VK Rengougun?

  • Translated, the phrase means “Allied Forces of Naniwa visual kei” (“Naniwa” refering to the Kansai region of Japan). NANIWA V (as I'll call it) is not a record label, but an organization of artists uniting (despite belonging to different, rivalrous record labels) to promote the Kansai visual kei scene. It will organize live events and projects, but will not publish any music or support any single artist.

Why Kansai? What is Kansai?

  • It can be said that most visual kei bands are active around one of Japan's major cities: Tokyo (in the East), Osaka (in the West), or Nagoya. Osaka is within the Kansai region, so if a band is active mostly in Osaka, we can call it a Kansai band. So, for our purposes:
  • ※ Kansai ≈ West ≈ Naniwa ≈ Osaka.

The Kansai region is important because it's been home to KISAKI; past labels UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and Matina; and newer labels Planet CHILD Music, Rozetta, CRIMSON, Livqueur Records, and so on. Some say that UCP's closure left a “void” in Kansai VK, and it seems that NANIWA VKR intends to fill it by promoting Kansai-based bands.

NANIWA V's first project is the [Yougenkyou -WEST-][1] (妖幻鏡 -WEST-) omnibus, which will be published in June by PLUG RECORDS' new Kansai sublabel―the one to which LIN now belongs―PLUG RECORDS west (again, West ≈ Kansai). An awesome lineup of bands (including LIN and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) will contribute brand new (or unreleased) songs to the album.

The same bands featured in the omnibus will then participate in NANIWA V's first live event, Naniwatama ~Kekkishuukai~ (なにわ魂 ~決起集会~), on 2014-07-04 at Osaka (大阪) BIG CAT.

NANIWA V has promised more projects in the future, and I'm sure that LIN (or KISAKI) will continue to be involved. You can keep up by following the organization's OHP or official Twitter: NANIWA V website NANIWA V official Twitter



  1. Beyond The Veil
  3. Todokanai Koe
  5. MINAMI no Koiuta
  7. Kirishima, Ningen Yamerotte yo
  8. 6 Gatsu no Amefuru Yoru。
  9. Neo innovation-Level.1-
  10. FINAL
  11. Paranoia



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