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La'Mule final live

You might recall that La'Mule (who were once a band on Soleil, the parent label of Matina) performed at the KISAKI PROJECT sponsored 90s visual kei revival event last November. And at that event, La'Mule announced that they would perform again during this summer. Well, details of that summer performance have finally been revealed.

La'Mule will disband (they had officially been on an activity pause since 2003) this April with a two day live, last bloody world. Tickets will be available on February 20th at the band's official website—even though they haven't yet told us the website's address! (I believe that the live will be a oneman, but I haven't found confirmation of that yet. Will update when I do.)

La'Mule disbandment two days live last bloody world
混ざり合う血,そして再会 (Mazariau Chi, Soshite Saikai)
2012-04-05 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) REX

last bloody world
混ざり合った後の血,そして・・・ (Mazariatta Ato no Chi, Soshite・・・)
2012-04-06 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) REX

Do you know La'Mule? They're an old band, but a really good one! I recommend their album CLIMAX—it's a visual kei classic!

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Takatori Reiji / February 02, 2012 Reply
I always liked La'Mule, as you mentioned visual kei classic, the band themselves are like that imo :)
I've always liked Kon (vocalist) and I guess most people just knew they were just postponing the inevitable, especially since Kori was having quite some success in Nightingeil a band which I do really like a lot these days.

Sad that it's an official disbandment now, but I think we all saw it coming really.
Takatori Reiji / February 02, 2012
Typo - Kon*
Grr, no edit button :P
inartistic / February 02, 2012
Edit button... what an idea!

Yeah, like you said. La'Mule were “on pause” for... nine years now? So... hahaha
Takatori Reiji / April 04, 2012
So I wonder now what Kon will go for next since NightingeiL are disbanding too :( Fuck what a shit year so far with disbandments....