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Lack-co. Releases New Music Video

Random Button-kei band Lack-co. has recently released the music video for their upcoming single, "粘着型クレイジーソルト入りクッキー." Unlike their previous featured tracks, this one is pretty...normal?

Many people were taken aback by Lack-co.'s previous single's abrupt musical shifts, as well as their exceedingly vibrant costumes, but it looks like for this installment the band is dialing it down a few notches and aren't rolling over the Mac counter at Sephora before a photo shoot (at least, for now).

How do you feel about this direction versus their original two releases?

As of 3/14, we still do not have previews of the other tracks on this single, so there very well may be a return of their signature genre-potpourri style. Lack-co.'s new single drops tomorrow.


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