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High Style Paradox group order

Good news everybody!—I've checked with my shopping service, and they can help us buy High Style Paradox 2003~2013! I've created a special group order page at WE LOVE UNDER CODE; check it out below if you'd like to order the album.

Join group order

Please be advised that the album will be a little expensive, due to SHOXX limiting it to mail-order and convenience store payment only. The initial cost of the album (base price + domestic shipping + initial service fees) is 5,790 yen.

Once the order is placed, the albums will be shipped to my house; all participants in the group order will pay an equal share of that fee. Finally, all participants will pay a 3rd fee encompassing an equal share of the final service fees + full cost of shipping to their house. (If the initial service fees turn out less than I'm estimating, the overage will be applied toward the final service fees.)


Regardless of the expense, there's no other way for overseas customers to get UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's final omnibus! So, if you want it, better join now. I'll be placing an order at the end of the week.


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Amour_Fantastiq / January 01, 2013 Reply
I may be interested but I would like to know more about the tracklist before ordering. What is the deadline to join the group order?
inartistic / January 01, 2013
I'd like to place an order within a week (say, around the 25th of January).

Unfortunately, I doubt that SHOXX/UNDER CODE will release the tracklisting any time soon (or maybe not at all)... however, I can almost guarantee that it won't feature any new songs (if that's what you're waiting to find out).
Amour_Fantastiq / January 01, 2013 Reply
Thank you inartistic for this informations.

Well, don't wait for me: I like the idea of this omnibus but without any exclusive track (and I believe you're right), it may be without me! I have a lot of other releases to buy at the same time and my priority will go to exclusive contents…

Anyway, thank you for organizing this group order!