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hannah full album details

Back in September, I mentioned that Livqueur Records band hannah would be releasing a full album. At the time, the album was called Aquarium-切望涙色- (Aquarium-Setsubou Namidairo-), but the band decided on a change of direction, and have change the title accordingly.

The album is now called Metholoism-切望- (Setsubou) and will be released on April 11th, 2012. The price is 2,520 yen, and the album will include 4 old songs, 2 self covers of カレン (KALEN) songs, and 2(?) new songs, “Heart of Gold” and “SLEAZOID SORROW”. (“SLEAZOID SORROW” isn't listed as a new song, but I've never heard of it...)

Those who purchase the album from Livqueur's official web shop will receive a signed photo.

hannah -
Metholoism-切望- (Setsubou)
2012-04-11; 2,520 yen; full album CD; Livqueur Records
※ Livqueur official web shop privilege: signed photo
01. Heart of Gold (new song)
02. ダスティーミラー (DUSTY MIRROR) (KALEN cover)
03. 枯詩 (Kashi) (from “water -Miyuu-”)
04. invisible lover (from “Ikirutame no KAKERA・・・”)
05. 瑠璃色の泪 (Ruriiro no Namida) (from “water -Miyuu-”)
06. SLEAZOID SORROW (new song?)
07. 胡蝶の記憶 (Kochou no Kioku) (from “Ikirutame no KAKERA・・・”)
08. ファレノプシス (PHALAENOPSIS) (KALEN cover)

Relation to UNDER CODE: Livqueur Records is the record label of ex-カレン (KALEN) bassist Takaya. hannah is the project of Takaya and ex-カレン (KALEN) vocalist 直 (Nao). The recording members for this release include ex-カレン (KALEN) guitarist 雪希 (Setsuki), KISAKI PROJECT guitarist Toshihiro, and ex-Phantasmagoria drummer 纏 (Matoi).


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anonymous / November 11, 2011 Reply
Oh now this has gotten me all interested. I didn't know about this band whatsoever, so thanks for the info! Looking forward to hearing this now haha

By takatorireiji
anonymous / December 12, 2011 Reply
Really excited about this :]

By xeroxhands