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GIGAMOUS 2nd single

GIGAMOUS (ex-HEISEI ISHIN~N@H) has shared a sample of their upcoming 2nd single, SCARY GODS SHOW: check it out here. They've also revealed the privileges for buying the single from various retailers:

  • TOWER RECORD: [TYPE A or B] signed cheki
  • VILLAGE VANGUARD: [A or B] keyholder [A&B] comment DVD
  • Like an Edison: [A] SCARY The Speak DVD [B] photoset
  • Jishuban Club: [A or B] photoset [A&B] comment DVD
  • Brand X: [A] comment DVD [B] partial photoset (member-shots only)
  • ZEALLINK: [A] signed comment DVD [B] signed partial photoset (member-shots only)
  • PureSound: [A or B] group photograph [A&B] comment DVD
  • little HEARTS.: [A or B] photoset [A&B] comment DVD
  • fiveStars: [A] special (comment?) DVD [B] group photograph
  • closet child: [A] special (comment?) DVD A [B] special (comment?) DVD B
  • CROSS CAT: [A or B] group photograph [A&B] comment DVD and group photograph
  • SKULLROSE: [A] radio CD [B] partial photoset
  • LaLasquare: [A or B] partial photoset


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