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FUTURISM・BOYZ power push

FUTURISM・BOYZ has been featured in the FOOL'S MATE × VISUNAVI power push series. What does that mean for us? Samples of their upcoming single!! And a very special video of a day in the life of the F・BOYZ.

What do you think about the samples? If you liked them, don't forget to buy the new single, Jibunbyou, which will be released on April 18th. It's available at CDJapan now!


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loup0 / March 03, 2012 Reply
I like the first sample.
But the problem with FUTURISM BOYZ is that I feel like listening to the same song again and again ...

That guy at the beginning of the video is awesome XD
Kanon / March 03, 2012 Reply
I liked so much all ! The 3th sounds similar, anyway. I saw CDJapan, and it isn't expensive, I will try to buy it :)