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ex-DAS:VASSER and ex-Aliene Maφriage new band 「Insanity Injection」

ex-Aliene Maφriage vocalist Kyouka (狂華) has finally revealed details of his new band, Insanity Injection.

The band features several of his long-time collaborators: CHAOS (ケイオス) [glamscure, etc.] as second vocalist, guitarist Makoto (魔琴) [ex-MISSA, etc.], and bassist Hideaki (秀暁) [ex-DAS:VASSER, etc.], along with new(?) guy Gaga (蛾々) as guitarist.

The band will hold their formation celebration three-city sponsored event, SLAUGHTER BANQUET, on 2016-02-22, 24, and 25 at Shinsaibashi BIG CAT, Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT, and Takadanobaba AREA, respectively.

Their three-song single, ADVENT OF SLAUGHTER, will be released in two types on 2016-02-17: GORE Edition, which includes a PV; and CARNAGE Edition, which includes two bonus tracks (Aliene Maφriage and DAS:VASSER covers).

A preview of the B.R.N preview is up:

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Amour_Fantastiq / December 12, 2015 Reply
Like how it looks, like how it sounds!! First time I listen something from these people and like it much! :P
Seraphim / December 12, 2015 Reply
This is the kind of shit that makes vkei great. I like Kyoka's spider crab costume. Dada could never