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Dali's releases and countdown

With the completion of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last live on May 3rd, Dali has officially disbanded... However, it seems that they're not done playing with us yet.

If you'll recall, Dali had started a mysterious countdown, posting an image of a number every day, counting down to “0”, which was on the day of UNDER CODE's last live. However, once the countdown reached “0”, the band started a new countdown, starting from “34” this time... This new countdown is paced to reach “0” on June 5th―but I'm not sure what that could possibly mean...


Secondly, I wanted to mention Dali's live-limited releases which they sold at UNDER CODE's last event. First, they sold a second press of their live-limited single from November of last year, ROCKING CHAIR to CREEP (which itself was a 2nd press / complete edition of a two-type single sold earlier in September). The new version has no new content but does feature a new jacket.

More importantly, Dali sold a DVD with footage from their last oneman live (at which they “disbanded”―until they decided to “postpone disbandment” until UNDER CODE's last live). The DVD contains complete footage from that oneman, with the exception of encore songs, which were available instead as two privilege DVDs for spending 5,000 yen on Dali goods.

For complete information, see Dali's discography.


ex-Dali vocalist Ren continues with his side project LOTMAN, but I'll make a separate post on that sometime. For now, let's appreciate Dali, and hope that their new countdown leads to new activity.

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Vadio / May 05, 2013 Reply
I never heard much Dali's songs, but from the ones I heard, it looks like their style has changed so much since they started the band? Well, they have a interesting song, let's hope that this may really be a comeback! (also, off topic, but I'm having trouble to send Private Messages. There's just a bunch of code and I can't send nothing.)
inartistic / May 05, 2013
Yeah, it changed so much...!

As for private messages, please try again. It should be working now, but let me know if you encounter a problem. Thanks!
Vadio / May 05, 2013
Yes, they are working! I sent one to you. Please check it!
Vadio / May 05, 2013