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Cu[be] to release “complete album”

If you follow the WE LOVE UNDER twitter, you saw earlier this month that KISAKI mentioned Cu[be] releasing an album. The album has finally been announced, and as some of us suspected, it's a best album!

Cu[be]'s album is called [psycho/Ro]ckST★R and will be released in September. As expected, it contains all songs from both of the band's singles. However, it also contains all songs from the band's first mini-album, which was released before they joined UNDER CODE (and will no longer be sold after this month)! Furthermore, the album contains the band's rare distributed song LOGICAL SHOOTER, a new song called Split heroine days (probably their track on the NEXT INNOVATORS omnibus), and a second new song to be announced. All of this costs 3,150 yen.

What do you think about this? Are you planning to buy it?


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loup0 / March 03, 2012 Reply
I'll definitely buy it!!
But now I wonder if it's worth buying "Velvet Berry" or not ... ?
Now I just hope that releasing a best album doesn't mean anything bad for the band ...
Takatori Reiji / March 03, 2012 Reply
Saw this earlier today and my instant thoughts were,,,
'Wow. Even Velvet Berry is included? FUCK YES!'
But yes, I really do hope this isn't an 'End of band' album. Fingers crossed!
Kanon / March 03, 2012 Reply
Ohh, is it a best album finally? I don't have nothing about them, it seems a perfect moment to buy it ! :)

P.D: I'll translate this entry now.
inartistic / March 03, 2012
Seraphim / March 03, 2012 Reply
I read on Monochrome Heaven that the untitled song is called "心渡り(kokorowatari)" [Spanning the heart?]
inartistic / March 03, 2012
Hmm, that's the only source I've seen saying that, but that is their only new song so it's probably right. Thanks