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CindyKate's live-limited mini-albums

CindyKate will release three live-limited CDs

As you know, シンディケイト (CindyKate) will be holding a three-day threeman live at 涩谷 (Shibuya) REXX on May 25th, 26th, and 27th. The band has just announced that they will be selling a CD exclusively at each of those lives.

The three-CD series is called Individuality, and each entry will feature 6 brand new songs. In keeping with the title, each song is entirely composed, written, and sung by only one of the members. Check out the tracklists below, and click the title of each CD to view more information (including credits for each song).

Unfortunately, these CDs seem to be made by the members themselves, so any future release (say, through the official web shop) is unlikely. Funny that these are their most substantial releases in years, and yet we won't even get to hear them!


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Heidi / May 05, 2012 Reply
What the fuck. :'(
inartistic / May 05, 2012
Seriously ahahaha
Kanon / May 05, 2012 Reply
Oh I saw this in their blogs . . . ( T ^ T )
Hisaki has reason, we're unblessed fans lol
/ May 05, 2012 Reply
Just testing comment function really quickly...