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CindyKate to disband

At last night's celebration of KISAKI's 20 years of activity, CindyKate (シンディケイト) announced their intention to disband.

CindyKate will hold a last sponsored event tour in May~June through their own newly established independent label, GOEMON RECORDS, and then will embark on their last oneman tour. Finally, on July 13th, CindyKate will disband at SHIBUYA O-WEST.

They will also release a two-discs best-album on march 27th, named NUDY&COOL. It features 26 tracks! Details below.

You can read the CindyKate members' disbandment comments here (English translation via Google).

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draincherry2021 / February 02, 2013 Reply
In all honesty, this disbandment doesn't surprise me.
inartistic / February 02, 2013
Yeah, I expected it too since they weren't able to meet their ORICON goals, but I'm still disappointed by it ;(!
draincherry2021 / February 02, 2013
Completely, agree with you about being disappointed. They had a good sound going.
DaiSakurai / February 02, 2013 Reply
it's a shame they decided to disband