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chariots mini-album, stampcard, and lives

chariots will release a new mini-album in August.

Revenir (french for “return”) will be released on 2017-08-23, and will feature 2 new songs plus 4 re-recordings which will be selected by fans. All songs are eligible--even past songs which were never recorded(?). Fans can cast their vote via the band's official LINE account.

The band has also begun a LINE stampcard campaign. From April through July, those who are friends with the band's official LINE account can accumulate stamps by reading a QR code at the band's live and instore events. Those who collect 10 stamps will receive a live clip (of your desired song) + comment (of your desired member) DVD.

chariots will hold a fan request oneman at which they'll play 10 fan requested songs and 4 member selected songs. NAGOYA “Ranking” MUSIC Night will be held on 2017-07-20 at Nagoya (名古屋) MUSIC FARM.

Finally, their alter-ego band 「c」 will perform on 2017-05-24 at Shinjuku club SCIENCE.


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IGM_Oficial / April 04, 2017 Reply
Even though don't like their music, this way of interacting with the fans is really cool.