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Change in KISAKI PROJECT privilege

UNDER CODE has announced that the privilege for buying KISAKI PROJECT's new single, Sou ~Twinkle Vitality~, from the official web shop has changed.

Those who buy the single from the official web shop will still receive an instrumental + live footage data disc. But as a special Valentine's Day present, those who purchase from the shop will also receive a bonus 8 page booklet signed by KISAKI!! This bonus privilege, however, is limited to 100 copies.

By the way, more info about the data disc was also revealed: it will contain an MP3 of the instrumental version of Kagen, and an mp4 video of the band's live performance of Wasurenagusa from their 2012-01-30 live.


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steffi / February 02, 2012 Reply
Does Under Code Production’s official webshop ships overseas?
Lestat / February 02, 2012
@steffi no, they do not. I think that most people just have contacts in Japan and they let them buy and ship for them and pay later.
Amour_Fantastiq / February 02, 2012 Reply
I was so happy to see this good news yesterday! I should be one of the 100 first people, I can't wait to receive it!