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AVANCHICK to disband

AVANCHICK has suddenly announced that they intend to disband in Autumn 2017.

The members have already posted statements about it, but they're mostly inconsequential--the closest thing to a reason for the disbandment is NOAH's statement that there's a “gap” between his goals and the reality of the band's activities so far.

The band's last live will be held somewhere in Tokyo (東京), but further details are TBA.

A statement like NOAH's would normally imply (in my opinion) that the band isn't making enough money. That said, they just started their second oneman tour, and it runs until April, so it seems a bit early to decide whether it's a “failure” or not... And they'd just finished their first oneman tour, and held a successful oneman at BLITZ--which was filmed, meaning they have a future live DVD to collect some cash with. If I recall correctly, NOAH was also recently talking about trying to tour overseas.

Long story short, that's not the profile of a band who's going to disband soon (and who announces a disbandment 9 months early anyway?).

In my opinion, there are 3 possibilities:

  1. NOAH has been headhunted for some higher-profile project (I did get the feeling, from the members' comments, NOAH seemed the least affected).
  2. They really were riding on money from ROCKSTAR RECORDS bands, and they don't want to continue now that funds have dried up (but if that were the case, why wouldn't they disband much sooner?).
  3. All members will return under a new name or something (the members' comments don't seem optimistic enough, imo, but who knows?).


Of course, all of the above is just conjecture. What do you think?


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insideanoxbxjxe / January 01, 2017 Reply
new ains band incoming
Seraphim / January 01, 2017 Reply
New Ains band that copies Alice 9 called 心臓の王妃
inartistic / January 01, 2017 Reply
@insideanoxbxjxe You're probably right! What do you think, December 2017 debut?

@Seraphim lmao love it. Or maybe it's been long enough that Ains can start ripping off their own bands?