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Avanchick's first album: 明日もし世界が終わっても

Rockstar Records veterans AVANCHICK are releasing their first album soon: 明日もし世界が終わっても (Ashita Moshi Sekai ga Owatte mo)! Keeping with their interesting release names, this title means something like "If the world also ends tomorrow" in English.

While no other details have yet surfaced, aside from a November 30th release date, I, personally, am excited for this news. I speculate that all three of their Rockstar Records singles A-sides will make an appearance here, but we'll know for sure soon. This post will be updated once more information becomes available.


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Seraphim / August 08, 2016 Reply
Realized I should have said "veterans" instead of "alumnus." Will change that once I can edit this again |D
inartistic / August 08, 2016
I went ahead and changed that, but you should be able to edit now.

Anyway, thanks for posting! I'm so excited :D