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AVANCHICK new look, album details, and more

AVANCHICK has revealed their new artist photos and the covers/tracklist for their upcoming album.

More details of their oneman tour, Ashita moshi Sekai ga Owatte mo (明日もし世界が終わっても), have been announced:

  • 10/05 Sendai space Zero - acoustic live
  • 10/06 Aomori SUNSHINE - Kagari-moderated talk
  • 10/08 SUSUKINO 810 - mini-live
  • 10/09 SUSUKINO 810 - Gekidan Otakeza live
  • 10/12 Nagano LIVE HOUSE J - acoustic live
  • 10/13 Shizuoka Sunash - Gekidan Otakeza live
  • 10/17 Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE - acoustic live
  • 10/18 Kanazawa AZ - part-change live
  • 10/22 Kumamoto Django - Gekidan Otakeza live
  • 10/23 Fukuoka graf - acoustic live
  • 10/24 Hiroshima Cave-Be - REI-moderated talk
  • 10/26 Okayama CRAZYMAMA2ndRoom - part-change live
  • 10/27 Kagawa GET HALL - Hyu-ga-moderated talk
  • 10/30 Urawa NARCISS - part-change Halloween live
  • 11/05 Kashiwa ThumbUp - Otake-moderated talk
  • 11/06 Mito SONIC - Gekidan Otakeza live
  • 11/07 Koriyama CLUB#9 - part-change live

Gekidan Otakeza sponsored event Aki no Yuuutsu (秋の憂鬱) will be held on 2016-11-19 at Shinjuku (新宿) club SCIENCE. Otakeza will perform, as will AVANCHICK as a special guest.

Furthermore, AVANCHICK will hold their sponsored event tour, Shinshun Otakeza TOUR (新春おたけ座ツアー), in January 2017. At the moment, it appears that only AVANCHICK will perform at those dates, despite “Otakeza” being in the tour title.

To be completely honestly, I'm pretty confused about the whole Otakeza thing... Sometimes it seems to be a CindyKate session, sometimes an AVANCHICK alter-ego, and sometimes just an event name. And sometimes it's just Otakeza (おたけ座), while other times it's Gekidan Otakeza (劇団おたけ座). If someone can shed light on this, please do, lol.

The second press of AVANCHICK's IDOL single is now available for pre-order from Chaotic Harmony. Each copy will be signed by all members and will be further personalized with your name. Each copy also includes an artist photo, again signed by all members.

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