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AVANCHICK first live DVD announced

AVANCHICK first live DVD announced

AVANCHICK will release their first live DVD on 2015-12-25, containing footage from their 2015-10-24 oneman Jibaku!


  1. Hitorigoto
  2. Do you need me?
  3. IDOL
  4. FAKE
  6. LIAR
  7. Phantom
  8. BREAK
  9. Seiten no Hekireki
  10. Jibaku
  11. JK
  12. To Heart
  13. Moumoku Shoujo
  14. Tsumi to Batsu
  15. Eternal
  16. Maria

The release is available for order through their official web shop from 2015-11-28 through 2015-12-05, for 4,000 yen. Those who purchase will receive a ticket to their 2016-01-25 event at KING OF SYSTEM Karaoke (カラオケの鉄人), and a bonus DVD with offshot footage planned by guitarist Rey.



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