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ARLEQUIN "KARMA" details + other

ARLEQUIN has revealed the cover and tracklist of their upcoming single, KARMA. They also released a sample earlier this month.

Some other minor ARLEQUIN news:

  • The band will appear in Cure Vol.159.
  • At the band's October 23rd oneman, those who spend 1,944 yen on goods at the Like an Edison-sponsored sales booth will receive a "tour final celebration member's solo paper card." (Imo, a little postcard with a member's signature/comment. I'm not sure if you only receive 1, or a set of all 5.)
  • ARLEQUIN has collaborated with brand CIVARIZE to produce original parkas (7,000 yen each). Those who purchase a parka + collaboration cheki (500 yen each) are eligible to attend an instore event, and to receive an A2-sized collaboration poster.
  • The band also has a new parka and muffler towel available at lives.


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