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ARLEQUIN to Release 2nd Album "Utopia"

ARLEQUIN announced at their show on April 2nd that they will be releasing their 2nd full-length album named "Utopia." Like their previous releases, this album will come in 3 types and is due to drop on June 8th, 2016.

Types A and B are both limited editions that come with a DVD and a 12 track CD. The bonus DVD for type-A includes live footage of 5 unspecified tracks, plus some offshoot content. Type B will contain a PV DVD for their new song "境界線 (kyoukaisen)" and a documentary of their live show "「傷」×ツケル-片鱗-. (「Kizu」× TSUKERU-henrin-)." The regular edition type-C will contain a bonus 13th track.

While the full track listings are not yet available, they have mentioned that the following singles will be making an appearance:
  • ジレンマ(dilemma)
  • 道化ノ華(douke no hana)
  • クオリア(qualia)
  • 境界線(kyoukaisen)

Lastly, once this album is out the band will begin a tour also entitled "境界線 (kyoukaisen)" that will last from June 8th until their finale on October 23rd at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo.


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inartistic / April 04, 2016 Reply
I'm excited \m/ So happy for their success... it's weird to see a band I like actually go somewhere :P

Thanks for posting❤
Seraphim / April 04, 2016
It seems like both Goemon bands are doing very well. Kinda strange that REALiES didn't really last much longer, but I guess whichever ex-bandmen that owns the label is still raking in that $$burger money$$