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Vior Gloire

 As it seems all member-profile pics at ameba disappeared....except of Serra who NOW got his pic and blog style here: what do you think will happen now?!


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inartistic / May 05, 2011 Reply
Hmmm.... that's really interesting.

Notice too that serra's style/costume doesn't match anything in the original group picture. (I wish I'd saved the original blog headers to compare...)

So I bet they had some last minute (or “first minute” in this case, lol) member change/some of the “Vior” members are just support until the real members can step in. That would explain the different lineups we found (ex. SHIZUKU vs RENA). Perhaps the delay from the original announce date of 4/1 was so they could get new costumes and take new photos.

Or perhaps I'm dead wrong. Hmm hmm hmm...
anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply
This is so confusing... T^T

By hush_narumi
anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply
What a change, Serra! O_o
The mermaid look was way cooler. Hum.

By necrae_x
Hyura / May 05, 2011 Reply
Wow, I hope their image does not change to 'typical uc band' now...
But otherwise I'm still looking forward to their debut!
hopefully they could solve whatever lineup/image problems they had.