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Vior gloire release, event, costume weirdness

Thanks to ViSULOG, we finally have some official announcements regarding Vior gloire! The band has announced its first release, its first live/sponsored event, and its first oneman. But let's start with their first official photo!

Notice that the costumes in this photo are completely different from the original picture that was secretly uploaded to the OHP. I have no idea why KISAKI would allow money to be wasted on two sets of costumes and two photoshoots—maybe the band changed its concept, or maybe they had a pre-formation lineup change? Well, whatever the case, that second lineup we found (ex. the one with RENA) is the official one.


Anyway, on to their first live details! Although we know the band has secretly done lives as Vior, it seems that their first official live will be a sponsored event in July. Later in the month, the band will hold their first oneman. An unspecified present will be freely distributed at both.

Vior gloire debut sponsored eventCocktail party 2011-07-16 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER
Vior gloire (first live), 朱 (SUZAKU), Arpege, Black berry, 水樂 (Byakura), Sirokuro, RAVI, RagEnd, Lauder
※ (unspecified present freely distributed to attendees)

Vior gloire formation commemoration oneman疑似カタストロフィー (Giji CATASTROPHE) 2011-07-30 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice
Vior gloire (oneman)
※ (unspecified present freely distributed to attendees)


And finally, release information, alright! Vior gloire's first release will be a maxi-single, to be released in August. ...And that's it! Kind of a simple way to debut, but I guess it's my fault for expecting a lot after all the confusion about them. Anyway, details~

Vior gloire -
インスパイア (INSPIRE)
2011-08-17; 1,575 yen; maxi-single CD; sole pressing; UCCD-296
01. (Unannounced new song)
02. (Unannounced new song)
03. (Unannounced new song)


Tidbit: the name of SUGAR FORKFUL's first event was alsoCocktail Party. Rest in peace ;_;~

I still have so many questions about them: what is the point of Vior? do the two bands have truly different lineups, or just different member names? why wasn't the band revealed April 1st as planned? why did they spend money on new costumes and new photoshoots without ever revealing the first ones? why are you so angly? answer me my queltion!

Well, I guess we may never know the answers to all of Vior gloire's mysteries, but at least they seem cool. The new costumes look so much more professional than the last ones (even if less unique), and I'm super excited about their first release. What are your thoughts about everything?


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anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply
I don't really care about anything, I'm just glad Kei's there XDD
Okay, I'm a bit curious about their first picture. Maybe they're planning on using those costumes later...? O.o

By hush_narumi
anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply

By fancifury
kumagoro666 / May 05, 2011 Reply
Now this looks like a real under-code band!
anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply
Looking forward to their debut!

By jani_kun
ralf_mako / May 05, 2011 Reply
Kei and his all-time favorite lipstick... xD

Great that they went a darker direction! Hopefully UCP has some nice privilegs :) If they stick to violin and synth-guitar, a bootleg dvd would be great xD
inartistic / May 05, 2011 Reply
Yeah, same here. And he looks really good to boot!
inartistic / May 05, 2011 Reply
I know! I was thinking “kei looks so good in this pho— oh— that lipstick again...!

I agree and disagree. They look much better, but the other photo seemed like a much more unique band. But maybe their live as Vior wasn't a success, so they decided to be less unique, lol. Who knows! Anyway, now they look vaguely E'm-ish, and I'm totally ok with that.

I'm hoping for a bootleg live DVD privilege as well, but it seems that there isn't one :( Maybe they will announce something when they are finally added to the OHP.
inartistic / May 05, 2011 Reply
Actually, they kinda remind me of XodiacK. ...In fact, is that the same place that XodiacK held their recent photoshoot? |D

But I'm thinking like XodiacK meets E'm ~grief~ or something. Hmm
vk_lover / May 05, 2011 Reply
Yup....I really liked their first costumes ;)
anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply
I loved the mermaid Serra :/ He was the only one who looked great to me with his weirdness. But now they look... average indeed. Well it's all about music so I can't judge them by this.

What happened to their blogs, I guess it's because it's trendy to have a Visulog. Maybe they just decided to leave Ameba and get Visulogs.

By necrae_x
Hyura / May 05, 2011 Reply
I guess I still like them, but I'm disappointed of how much this looks like 'uwah, being different is no fun after all, let's get hostboy haircuts and ID JAPAN costumes!'

But all this also made them more *special*...?

Can't read 'inspire' without thinking of konchan on that surgery table.
nhuie / May 05, 2011 Reply
Nobody is handsome to nhuie's eyes! *huffs away grumpily*
anonymous / May 05, 2011 Reply
I'm placing a lot of hope in them, to be honest. I don't know what their vocalist sounds like or even what style they'll play, but I'm banking on them being a new favorite.

With that being said, I am a bit upset that they went from being pseudo-kote-kei to Starwave record's leftovers within 3 weeks. It's the music that's important, right?

Also, Kei is beautiful.

By uglyvkfanxxx69