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Vior gloire 1st single cover art + tracklist revealed!

Vior gloire - Inspire (2011.08.17)

01. インスパイア (Inspire)
02. of the sorrow "C"
03. ナキハ (Nakiha)

Can't wait to listen to it! :D


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inartistic / August 08, 2011 Reply
Ahaha, you know, I've been checking like every five seconds to find out the tracklist, and here it's finally announced while I'm asleep |D

Well yay! I'm excited~ And by the way, if you ordered it from the official web shop, they sent it out today!
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
LOL yeah, I've been checking like a madman too. xD

I ordered it from CDJapan so I guess I'm gonna have to wait, but I hope it'll be worth it. :)

By jani_kun
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
I've been checking for this a lot, too |D
When I'm very excited for this kind of info to be revealed, I spend a lot of time looking at all the Japanese shops I know, looking for anything~
I'm so looking forward to this release!

By necrae_x
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
I really like the cover art :3

By reita_camui
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
Love the cover art! It makes the single sound even more promising than I am expecting!

By bunnyshoxx