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Vior gloire 1st Single and Debut

KISAKI recently announced at his ameba blog that Vior gloire's 1st Single will be released on 2011.08.17 
It will be named 「インスパイア」 (inspired)
Also ViorGloire will make their stage debut 2011.07.16 at Ikebukuro CYBER

here's the
LINK for his AMEBA entry


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anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
How is it a stage debut if they've already been on stage? (I'm a little late responding to this, sorry)

By rei_mitsukai
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
*lol*....don't ask me ;)
I think it's a special event to properly introduce the NEW band and maybe that's why it's called debut...
But who cares...I'm more curious about their first Single ;)

By count_amantis
inartistic / June 06, 2011 Reply
It's... really complicated! It might be best to read all the posts tagged Vior gloire, from the bottom up. But I'll try to summarize:

KISAKI posts this picture of some mysterious new band. He says they'll be revealed on April 1st.
A Dali×Megaromania event is announced, and some band called Vior is set to appear at it. Their lineup is listed as Mahiru/KEI/Mistuki/SHIZUKU/RYOO.
April 1st rolls around and there's no announcement of a new band. KISAKI says that the band will be revealed “eventually”.
...Long period of waiting for some announcement, but nothing comes.
We find this picture hidden in UNDER CODE's website files. The logo on the picture says Vior gloire, but it matches the teaser photo from before, and we recognize Mahiru and KEI, so we know that Vior = Vior gloire. We just assume that they changed their name a bit.
UNDER CODE finally reveals the new band: Vior gloire. But here's the weird thing: the official picture of them is completely different from the teaser photo and the secret OHP photo. The lineup is completely different as well: SHALL/serra/Kei/RENA/ARU. However, we still recognize members by their faces, so we know that the lineups of Vior and Vior gloire are the same, even if they're using different names.
We expect live schedules to be updated—we expect “Vior (Mahiru/KEI/Mistuki/SHIZUKU/RYOO)” to be replaced with “Vior gloire (SHALL/serra/Kei/RENA/ARU)”—but that doesn't happen. So then we expect some explanation like, “well, Vior is the ‘underground activity’ prototype band,” but that doesn't happen either.

So... I don't fully understand it, since neither UNDER CODE nor Vior gloire members themselves have commented on it, but it seems that they're doing unofficial lives right now—perhaps as practice or something, I dunno.

Again, they were supposed to be revealed on April 1st, but weren't until May 20th, so I figure that some big change must have occurred. I thought maybe a member left or something, but then why would there still be lives listed as “Vior (Mahiru/KEI/Mistuki/SHIZUKU/RYOO)”? And anyway, I'm pretty sure I recognize all the same people from the two photos, so it doesn't look like anyone left. But then why throw away perfectly good costumes?! KISAKI wouldn't waste money like that!

Long story short: the July live is Vior gloire's first live, even though Vior is having lives right now. So, uh, I guess Vior = Vior gloire, but Vior ≠ Vior gloire at the same time. Somehow. ... |D
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
*lol*..thx for lighten up all this stuff :D
I really don't know what to think about this...I'm really curious since there isn't even a sample of the band.

Vior = Vior gloire, but Vior ≠ Vior gloireat the same time ...*lol*

By count_amantis