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(Untitled post 2006-05-23)

Heyy, I've been a member of this community for a while, but this is my first post.

I've heard multiple people talk about how much fun and how awesome the furitsuke is to Phantasmagoria's Kami Uta is. Unfortunately while I was in Japan I wasn't able to see Phantasmagoria, so I'm just curious as to what the furitsuke is.



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anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
lol, it's mainly just throwing your hands in the air, from left to right to left to right over and over and over again xD the furi for this song is not very complicated at all... it IS very fast though, and makes you really tired at the end o_o; but it's the sort of deeply satisfying tiredness ne ^.~

By kuronekonotsume
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
sometimes you are just so happy when they end the song xD It seems they can perform it up to 15 minutes xD
Anyway it's fun. There's a part where all the fans clap their hands. First I thought that can't fit the song, but it makes it special.
There's a short live of it, isn't it?

I guess you can't see much xD
my.. this show is one of my dearest memories ^^''
*does the dance*

By chibikaoru
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
Haha, yeah. I know what furi is, I just hadn't seen the Kami Uta one. I had heard what the other people who had commented said too, though XD That while it's fun it's insanely tiring.

By f_y_z