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(Untitled post 2006-05-16)

Recently Kisaki posted in his diary asking fans to do him a favor...

Basically, Neo genesis will be releasing an "UNDER CODE PRODUCTION -BIBLE-." They've decided to have a little ranking regarding the *present* (i.e, not kalen, ex. dari members and such) UNDER CODE members. Fans were asked to answer a set of questions and to email them to a specific address.

The questions are to be answered simply with one name.

The questions are:

●おしゃれな男は? (Well-dressed man?)
●寝起きが悪そうな男は? (Man who seems to have a bad ability to wake up?)
●部屋がきれいそうだなーと思う男は? (Man you think has a tidy room?)
●友達になりたい男は? (Man you would like to become friends with?)
●抱かれたい男は? (Man you'd like to hug?)
●結婚したい男は? (Man you'd like to marry?)
●お兄さんにしたい男は? (Man you'd like to have for an older brother?)
●お笑いセンスがある男は? (Man who seems to have a good sense of humour?)
●運動神経がよさそうな男は? (Man who seems to have good reflexes?)
●頭がよさそうな男は?(Man who seems to be clever?)
(feel free to correct my translations if you think I'm off :x)

Then the questionnaire + answers should be mailed to
Mine looked like this, for those of you who want to be sure of the format/are curious 8D:

●おしゃれな男は? 塩谷朋之
●寝起きが悪そうな男は? 宮脇渉
●部屋がきれいそうだなーと思う男は? KISAKI
●友達になりたい男は? テロ
●抱かれたい男は? 戮
●結婚したい男は? 宮脇渉 note: he says he can cook, you see...? >>;
●お兄さんにしたい男は? エイジ
●お笑いセンスがある男は? ダイ
●運動神経がよさそうな男は? 須賀憂介
●頭がよさそうな男は? 依織

This is definately interesting, do your best to participate and feel free to share your answers, I'm curious. X3

The actual publication will be released on 7/14 but you may preorder via Neo genesis vol.5, which is released 5/29.

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shinkouchou / May 05, 2006 Reply
I think the second is "Man who wakes in a bad mood"
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
dakaretai also means "guys who you want to screw in a loose term" ^^;;

By naorin
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
oh oops i mean "guy who you want to screw" in a loose term

By naorin
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
LOL, well, I really can't see Kisaki asking that... XD

By cultic
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
GOD this is hilarious XD
[i have to answer Kisaki 1/2 of the time T_T XDD]

By kurai_okugata
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
sorry,which question's that? ^^;;

By kurai_okugata
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
the third one.. dakaretai otoko...

By naorin
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
hahha well.. as i said.. it's loose translation

By naorin