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(Untitled post 2005-09-27)

The UC OHP has had some rather, uh... Insignificant changes. They "redid" the news area of the site, which basically amounted to them putting some little flower pictures around it. Uh yeah. Also, they updated (or plan to update, rather) ヴィドール's and -Phantasmagoria-'s sections with new images. I'm not sure if this means new profile pictures, or new entries in those bands' discography pages. In more important news, UNDER CODE is about to embark on a Island-wide tour! All six current UC bands will be included in the tour, with the exception of シュガーフォークフル, who will be replaced by the band KuRt for some reason. Also, UC's new additions (ダリ and Pashya) will be making their first appearences as official UC bands during this tour. Expect a full writeup of the tour dates and such soon.

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I changed the layout to a different, but similar style. The old one was causing some weird formatting problems in some entries (I suspect this is more of a fault in Internet Explorer) so I decided to change it for all of you that actually visit the community instead of reading from your friends page. I would like to give the community a custom layout, but I'm not sure I'd feel right doing that since I don't own the comm. xD

Anyways, I want to make a sort of links section on the info page, so anyone that runs UNDER CODE related sites, please leave a message here so I can add you!


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anonymous / September 09, 2005 Reply
:o Sugar Folkfull is being replaced? Well, they ARE the least popular of all the UC bands, but still, very strange.

By deadtree
anonymous / September 09, 2005 Reply
I heard that シュガーフォークフル plan to disband o.O

Hm... does somebody know something about Pashya (their OHP for example)?
'cause I found ダリ at, but not pashya

By anonymous
anonymous / September 09, 2005 Reply
sorry, that wasn't meant to be posted anonymous ^^;

By junengrey
anonymous / September 09, 2005 Reply
シュガーフォークフル is disbanding. last live is 2005.10.01

By violetcloud
inartistic / September 09, 2005 Reply
Yeah, like Violetcloud said, シュガーフォークフル already announced that they're disbanding. Their last live will be in October, and practically none of the other UC bands are showing up >> And as for the island-wide tour, I was just surprised that KuRt is replacing them. It seems kind of... Random xD;

Junengrey: Pasyha isn't an official band yet. The UC tour will be their first (I think, don't quote me on this xD) official live. So there's no info on them anywhere yet >>
anonymous / September 09, 2005 Reply
ano... my page has a little Kisaki related part... I don't know if this counts..
there's also a Magor Gallery

Heavens Place

I'm curious about the new bands ^^'''

By chibikaoru
anonymous / September 09, 2005 Reply
I have a KISAKI fansite... KIOKU

By momentarily