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Wow. It seems that VAGERKE has really had an effect on KISAKI. After announcing that UNDER CODE will be publishing their new CD, KISAKI has announced that he is creating an entire sub-label for them. The new label, ROAD AWAKE, will be part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, but will sign only hardcore bands. Of course, VAGERKE is the new label's first band. Those of you familiar with Matina's history probably aren't surprised by this, as KISAKI just loves to create sub-labels.

Hopefully this one won't turn out like STORM or Eternal...


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anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
thanx for the info!

By violetcloud
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

By inaevyn
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply least now kisaki got some experiences in maintain his label. so maybe he won't be like last time during matina era since matina was his first label

By adeuslegend
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
I saw this on his blog too.

I am sure he will sign oto oni on it too.


By mental_orgasm
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
oh yes oto oni!

By adeuslegend
anonymous / May 05, 2006 Reply
So it is a sub-label! Wasn't sure about that thing first, so thanks for the info xD

By mondstaub
inartistic / May 05, 2006 Reply
Yep! Don't worry, I was sort of confused at first too xD