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release delays

There will be delays in the releases of the following photo postcard collections. There isn't a reason given, but the new release dates will be posted soon:

●KISAKI with Maru(bis)「ARTISTIC in BLACK 6」
●JUN & Iori(Phantasmagoria)「Hebi Ichigo "picture"FILM」
●Riku&Matoi (Phanatasmagoria)「ReMake a Individuality」
●Himitsu Kessha Codomo A「Codomo Style~Me no mae no boku wa dare desu ka?~」
●KISAKI with Satsuki (Rentrer en Soi)「ARTISTIC in BLACK 7」
●Vidoll 「Not yet titled 1&2」
●Jui (Vidoll) 「Not yet titled」
●Rame(Vidoll) 「Not yet titled」

The following will be released as planned:
●KISAKI with Shoujo Lolita 23q 「ARTISTIC in BLACK 4」 2006,4.25
●KISAKI with Karen「emotional graduation」(Karen CD Included) 2006,4.25
●KISAKI with Guruguru Eigakan「ARTISTIC in BLACK 5」2006,5.25
●Miyawaki Wataru (12012)「GARNET STAR」2006,5.25
●12012「deracine」 2006,5.25

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anonymous / April 04, 2006 Reply
I'm sure with all that stuff coming out, somebody's gotta slow it down. Are all these delays written on the website itself or are you referring from another source?

By miyavi_type
shinkouchou / April 04, 2006 Reply
I got the news from Kisaki's news blog on Undercode's site, so it's official.
inartistic / April 04, 2006 Reply
Well, KISAKI's been using that one company for all of the photobooks, so it's no surprise that they've had trouble keeping up. I'm just glad the Kalen book wasn't delayed xD.