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REALies lives + release

REALies held their tour final last night, REALive Vol.3 「Stund UP!! NuAGE ~FINAL~」. If you're curious, bassist 明イ-akino- posted their setlist:
02. D.O.P.E
03. 曖昧カテゴライズ (Aimai CATEGORIZE)
04. NEXT⇒
05. 浮遊グラフィック (Fuyuu GRAPHIC)
06. ハルジオン (HALJION)
07. I can't live without U
08. ヒカルセカイ (HIKARU SEKAI)
09. NuAGE
EN 01. Stund UP×3

As you know, the band freely distributed a single called CHANGE! at the event last night, but the real draw of the live was that they were going to make an important announcement. Well here it is:

REALies will release a new single called NEXT⇒ on 2011-11-30!

In addition, the band has announced a handful of special lives. First, the band will hold two sponsored events, REALive Vol.4 「NEXT⇒DOOR ~OSAKA~」 and REALive Vol.5 「NEXT⇒DOOR ~TOKYO~」 on 2011-11-19 and 2011-11-26, respectively.

Second, the band will hold a 2 days twoman event called 2012 MOVE ON BRIGHT. The first day (2012-01-14) will feature REALies vs Called≠Plan, while the second day (2012-01-15) will feature REALies vs 2nd Dyz.


Specific details about the single and lives will be posted when they're available. But in the mean time, I'm excited! Even though I didn't like REALies much at first, their songs are pretty catchy, so I'll wait until this next single to completely form my opinion.


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anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
I'm having trouble differentiating between whether x3 in the encore is supposed to be read as "times 3" or as an emoticon.

I fear that it's the latter.

By uglyvkfanxxx69