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PERESTROIKA covers and photosets

The covers of PERESTROIKA's first single, HEAЯTZ, have been revealed! So here they are~

In addition to that, three PERESTROIKA photosets have been made available through the official web shop! Each photoset costs 1,050 yen, and features four photos. So check them out! What do you think of the covers? And will you be buying any of the photosets? (Remember, if you need help ordering from the official web shop, see the guide!)


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anonymous / October 10, 2010 Reply
I like the covers! At least each type has a different picture.
It isn't only a change of colour shade like most of the time.

If I would be buying a photoset it would be A for sure.

By ivory_and_irony
anonymous / October 10, 2010 Reply
It looks nice~
I like them, because they are different and each one has is special feeling in it

I would like to buy one of them, but I don't think I could decide which one >.<

By micawber_nyan
anonymous / October 10, 2010 Reply
MS Paint?...

By moonlight_opera
Jrock_miso / October 10, 2010 Reply
i order Type-A & Type-B thur CDJAPAN

& if i could get a photoset it would be A