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[Archived] Official web shop limited exclusives

These have already sold out, so forgive me, but I figured I should post about them for history's sake. The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop recently put up a few special, very limited items for sale. First, cheki featuring KISAKI and members of NEGA, members of CindyKate, VIDOLL's RAME, or Sadie's Mao. Only one was available of each, so they sold out almost immediately.

The second special item being sold was a special polaroid set. This set included a LIN polaroid storage book (which you can buy here), but signed by all the members, with a set of 15 random LIN cheki (although the cheki were random, you were guaranteed to get at least one of each member). Two of these sets were available, but, again, they sold out almost immediately.

I kind of like these special sales that the web shop does occasionally, but it sucks that they always sell out too quickly for us to take advantage. And I guess it's just how UNDER CODE makes a quick buck, so maybe it's best not to encourage it |D

-- _UNDER CODE PRODUCTION donation project: from now until 2011-04-30, proceeds from sales at the official web shop will go to help victims of the recent earthquake. A shopping service is required to order; if you're unsure how to do this, please refer to this community's shopping guide, or contact me directly and I'll help you.

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