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Off topic: planning to buy Lin or Megaro?

Anyone want to join an official web shop order that I'm placing?

Basically, I'd like to see the privileges that come with buying both types of Lin's singles or both types of Megaromania's singles from the official web shop, but I can't afford that much. Soooo, if you were planning to buy those singles anyway, join my order :D? I'll pay all of the shipping, in return for rips (and you are free to rips of the Lin bootleg DVD and CindyKate single that I'll be ordering).

Sorry to those who are embarrassed to see me scheming like this :D


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anonymous / March 03, 2011 Reply
You would pay all of the shipping!? Oww >_< If only my CDJ order wasn't in shipping process ;__; Shouldn't have hesitated so much when I told you about it u_u

By necrae_x
Hyura / March 03, 2011 Reply
I wanted to get them but... it's propably stupid since I'm in europe.. (´・ω・)
shinkouchou / March 03, 2011 Reply
Do you mean you just want someone to buy all 4 or you want to buy one of each? If it were one of each I could do it but all 4 might be pushing it for me, at least until mid-April :(
anonymous / March 03, 2011 Reply
I'm planning on buying Lin's singles, if you're interested :3

By hush_narumi
inartistic / March 03, 2011 Reply
Well normally I ask people to share shipping with me, but in this case I thought it would take some more enticing, hahahaha~ But there's always next time!
inartistic / March 03, 2011 Reply
Well, for future reference, I'm always open to doing orders together with people to save on fees. I've done them with people in Europe several times, and it's not so bad (except that they have to wait longer) :D
inartistic / March 03, 2011 Reply
Well, I was originally thinking that Person A would buy both types of Lin's single, and Person B would by both types of Megaromania's single (and I'd only buy CindyKate's single and Lin's live DVD, but would organize the whole order).

However, if you're thinking you buy A type and I buy B type, that could work. I think will buy both types of Lin's single, and will buy Lin's DVD, so maybe I could buy CindyKate's single + one type of Megaromania's single, and then you could buy the other type of Megaromania's single. How does that sound?
inartistic / March 03, 2011 Reply
Ah, so you'll for sure be able to buy them now (/within the next day)? If so, that would be awesome :D Then and I could get each type of the Megaromania single~

And by the way, Lin's live DVD seems to have disappeared from the shop... Any idea what happened? (I've emailed them, but they haven't responded yet)
anonymous / March 03, 2011 Reply
Yes, I can buy them right away! But it's just Silent To My Pain, right? Both types... or were you also talking about Flowers Bloom...?

Absolutely no idea, I was actually surprised too when I saw it... investigating atm o.o

By hush_narumi