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Off topic: opinion on Metamorphose?

Ok Underko, it's that time again~ Those of you who have heard it, what did you think of the new 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single?

Better than As If Forever Exists.? Worse? Favorite song?

I'll start: I liked it! I'm not sure if I liked it more than the first single, but it's definitely a good, solid release. Metamorphose is great, especially the organ. Walking in the rain was weird, but in a neat way (remind anyone else of Versailles' zombie?). Sterilization is too rush-y for me, I think, but at least it's really interesting for an aggressive song. I'm loving how much variety they've shown in just two singles!


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anonymous / November 11, 2010 Reply
Metamorphose is the best song! interesting synths, good melodyI can't wait to see the PV
Walking in the rain & Sterilitzation have a very different sound from KISAKI previous works!

I can't say it better than As if Forever Exist. But I can say it is a great single!

by the way, Walking in the rain also remind me a Versailles song, Zombie

By mind_luster
nhuie / November 11, 2010 Reply
How come my copy hasn't even left the Tokyo mailing office yet and you already got yours ;O; Jealous~~~~
inartistic / November 11, 2010 Reply
Well, I haven't received anything! Someone just posted it.
nhuie / November 11, 2010 Reply
I just grabbed it too *^~^* btw...brand-x hasn't given me a tracking number for our goodies yet even though it's been a few days. >.< I just emailed them, I hope they reply.
Satsuki974 / November 11, 2010 Reply
The single is fantastic.
Metamorphose is just epic. A very good song.
I like Walking in the rain and Sterilization too.
The "twin vocal" is on Sterilization, no ?
I agree with inartistic I'm loving how much variety they've shown in just two singles!
I can't wait for the next !
anonymous / November 11, 2010 Reply
I've listened the sample only, and I got to say...


Better the as if forever exists, definitely.
Even the sample makes me want to dance.

By tsukiyomikg
anonymous / November 11, 2010 Reply
Never thought I'd say this about this band but: awesome single! :D Liked it so much better than their first one (which I overall enjoyed, but had small problems with every song xD).

By jani_kun