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News: New Band, Covers

① The newest episode of KISAKI's bi-weekly radio show revealed another new UNDER CODE band. The band's name is Lamina and they appear to be brand new. Two of the members, vocalist イブキ (Ibuki) and guitarist 晄 (Akira?) are featured as guests in the newest episode, so you can see them by watching it here (you'll need a Bands@id account).

I have no clue what (if any) bands the members were in before Lamina, so any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully more details will be released soon.

② The UNDER CODE OHP was updated with covers for several upcoming releases (Anjyu', Megaromania, and Dali). Megaromania's are pretty nice! (Anjyu', on the other hand, got probably the lamest best-of cover in UNDER CODE history.)


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anonymous / May 05, 2008 Reply
Wasn't ºC's vocalist called Ibuki? That's probably something.

By rasutokun
anonymous / May 05, 2008 Reply


By nekomeshi
inartistic / May 05, 2008 Reply
Yeah, I actually looked at that, and it's ~tempting~. I don't want to get overzealous or something, but the hair definitely matches. My internet connection is preventing me from watching the video again, so I can't say for sure, but it's definitely possible~

You think it is?

(Any ideas on the guitarist?)
inartistic / May 05, 2008 Reply
Yeah, he was the only reasonable hit that came up on VKDB. He has the same hair and everything, and C is disbanded already, so it could be~
anonymous / May 05, 2008 Reply
I think the jaw line looks the same too :s

the name sounds like Aki to me ´_` I can't think of any though.

By nekomeshi
inartistic / May 05, 2008 Reply
Alright~ I'll assume it's him then!

And thanks for the help with the name.
anonymous / May 05, 2008 Reply
oh my, the anjyu' covers looks like the cd was printed at their homes xD

But I can't wait for the new band o_ov

By aoi_gazetto
anonymous / May 05, 2008 Reply
well, chariots' covers are quite boringly repetativy lately as well xD
and the Anjyu cover is a best of cover, I think Siva and hurts' were just about as bad 0~

brodiaea look so lame on their UCP page, contrary to their OHP which has a gorgeus picture *___* you don't happen to know what their concept translates to? they look pretty guro to me <33

By mania_maru
anonymous / May 05, 2008 Reply
NEOアンダーグランド which basically translates to Neo Underground.

By dorifuto_san