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News: New Band

① Maybe this is old and I'm just crazy, but according to the Deshabillz page at the UNDER CODE OHP, the new UNDER CODE band is called Megaromania. They will be holding a twoman live with Deshabillz on June 1st.

② Also, Dali has added a tenth live to their 'nine' live series pulse plus 9 academies. The new live is special because it is also a twoman live with Nega. It will be filmed, and those who attend the live can get some sort of credit (towards buying whatever the footage will be released on I'm assuming? I'm not entirely sure).


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anonymous / March 03, 2008 Reply
Has it been mentioned who the members of the new band are? :/

By addere
anonymous / March 03, 2008 Reply
Yeah I immediately thought of Syndrome, haha. Looking forward to it. Since they're playing with Deshabillz i'm hoping for an old-school oriented band...

By heisei_bubble
shinkouchou / March 03, 2008 Reply
I thought the same when I heard that..
hytseraph / March 03, 2008 Reply
Any chance this could be the session band of Issei and Jun/Iori?

Sadly nothing about Megaromania is on VKDB, so looks like we'll be kept in the dark until an official announcement is made, or at least until they get a page at the OHP.

No matter who the members are they'll have my support.