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NEW Phantasmagoria album !!!!! but...

dont wait for nothing new, its only a collection album..

「Wailing Wall 2004~2010」

Release: 2011.10.20

Price: 6300 yen

●CD DISC:1<2004~2006>
1.Material Pain
2.Pixy false
3.fairy times memory
4.Kami uta
8.Hikari ni furu ame
9.Mikansei to GUILT
10.Actuate Eden
11.Kousoukyoku~Variant Jihad~
12.Suicide Gemini 
13.Kyousoukyoku~Cruel Crucible~
14.Gensoukyoku~Eternal Silence~  

●CD DISC:2 <2006~2010>
3.Unknow zero distance 
4.…Lost in thought the ends of the rest period 
6..Shoumatou ~PAST SKY~
7.Diamond Dust
9.Desperate Resolution for my Soul..
10.My Mental State...
11.Lie Light&Lost Sky
12.Fictitious Theory
13.Fairy times memorie~another tale~
14.Hikari ni furu ame ~Strings Version~

1.Material Pain 
3.Hikari ni furu ame
6.Mikansei to GUILT
7.Actuate Eden
8.Kousoukyoku~Variant Jihad~ 
9.Gensoukyoku~Eternal Silence~ 
10.Unknow zero distance
11.…Lost in thought
12. at the ends of the rest period...
13.Kyousoukyoku~Cruel crucible~
14.Shoumatou~PAST SKY~
15.Kami uta

[hide memorial summit -2008.5.03 味の素スタジアム-]
1.Kami uta
2.Gensoukyoku~Eternal Silence~

[鹿鳴館伝説~LEGEND OF ROCK MAY KAN~ -2010.3.19 JCB HALL-]
1.Pixy false
2.Unknow zero distance
4.Kami uta


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anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
ALL PROMOTION CLIPS... but where is the fairy times memory or Vanish PV? :V

By rikic
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
Wow. Now THIS is what I've been waiting for haha.

It is indeed very strange that there is no Vanish or fairy times memory... I can't understand why they wouldn't be included

By takatorireiji
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
It's kind of huge... Wow. I'll actually think about buying this, I think. If the cover is pretty.

By justironic
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
dude this sounds epic ^^

By takagackthyde
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
EPIC! Indeed it is. My goodness. And they release it now that I'm unemployed D:

By necrae_x
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
15 PVs o_o
*dies in a shock*

By necrae_x
jane_cutieh / September 09, 2011 Reply
HOLY SMOKE!!!! all of my fav PHANTASMAGORIA song in one album!!!??? GOTTA HAVE IT!
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
I like the idea of all the PVs on one disc. But yeah, it's strange that those two are missing. o.O

By rei_mitsukai
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
Maybe there wasn't enough free space in a DVD for so many PVs www

By necrae_x
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
"WORLD BEST" so I guess it will *supposedly* be released in other countries? Just like KISAKI's mini-album or SIVA's best album, which were never actually released in other countries? Ahhhh hahaha.

Very curious about those two PVs though... I thought "they're not included because DVD is limited in space" at first. But if that was the reason, why are there live clips?! (And those live clips are all previously released anyway, right?) I don't understand...

Anyway, thanks for the news~ (This is inartistic; too lazy to log in from school computer though~)

By anonymous
vk_lover / September 09, 2011 Reply
PFT...really EPIC...but I got the feeling of milking an OLD cow to her last drip of blood :/
Only stuff I REALLY want are these lives [hide memorial summit -2008.5.03 味の素スタジアム-] and
[鹿鳴館伝説~LEGEND OF ROCK MAY KAN~ -2010.3.19 JCB HALL-]
Well...let's see...but the price will be EPIC,too*lol*
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
those lives released already, so u can see if u want :D

By rikic
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
Hmm... So this news came from KISAKI's blog? It seems that post has since been deleted... I found a cache of some text from Google, and it says “2010年8月にヨーロッパ一部地域限定発売された限定200枚入荷”. October of 2010?!

This is certainly strange. I'll wait until another official source mentions it.
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
ok im happy old stuff in new cover but
im curious about the 凛 1st anniversary live dvd
it should be release on 30th...
where is it? i wanna buy and watch so much.

By rikic
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
Hmm, you're right. It seems that there is no mention of it at OHP or blogs anymore. So I suspect it was cancelled :(

This seems to be the case with NEGA too. Their blog mentioned DVD of their revival live to be released in November, but that DVD has not been mentioned anywhere else.

And now since KISAKI's blog post disappeared, I am skeptical of this Phantasmagoria release. UNDER CODE is being strange lately :(
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
You can email UNDER CODE in Japanese and ask, by the way.
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
right.... they didnt send the making of Flowers Bloom neither.... but the plane was 08.15th right?...

By rikic
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
oh, i should do it

By rikic
Xenjn / September 09, 2011 Reply
Am I the only one who's slightly irked by this? I mean, just slightly because, hell yeah part of me really wants to buy this but...I mean...akgsjahgasjga. Dammit Kisaki, Mago is over, why are you doing this? WHY?

I mean, if he's going to release something how about full live footage? Alot of the time the live footage only has two or three songs and meanwhile the setlist is much, much longer.

If you're going to offer us Mago, great, but give us something we don't have, not just a whole bunch of things we DO have on a few disks.

I'm still tempted to buy it though...fuck.
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
On one hand, it would be really nice to have every Phantasmagoria song and clip together in one release. And for that, the price really isn't all that bad (the live clips—which are the full setslists in this case, by the way—are a nice bonus too).

On the other hand, this is undeniably, 100% just a quick moneymaker for UNDER CODE. There's no real rhyme or reason except for helping the label pay its bills. And while the thought of having everything in one release is nice, one could argue that it should have been that way from the very beginning (rather than the two REQUIEM releases + that PV DVD).

So... just one of those things that's evil and good at the same time. I'm sort of neutral on it just because of that.

On the other other hand, I'm thinking this release might not even materialize, given the post mysteriously disappearing, not hearing about it anywhere else, and UNDER CODE being bad with disappearing releases lately, so... You being tempted to buy it might not even be a problem |D
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
Random thought for anyone that wants to read it:

KISAKI mentioned a month or two ago that some Phantasmagoria collectibles would be up at the official web shop “soon.” It never happened, but maybe this album was what he had planned at the time.

(No clue if that means it's actually still coming or not, but at least it gives some context, potentially.)
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
Well, doesn't the album have all of their songs on it? That kind of means your favorites would have to be on there, haha!

Actually, they're missing ...ROMANCIA..., so I guess if that's your favorite then you're going to be disappointed.

By uglyvkfanxxx69
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
Derp derp I stand corrected
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply

But it is missing their SE tracks. NO BUY.
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
Is it really? Strange how I like one and not the other |D

By uglyvkfanxxx69
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
oh yes, and there is no NIL FRONTIER PV neither ww so 3 already w

By rikic