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Nega's Big News

Nega held their tour final oneman, Prophecy of the XXX, last night. As promised, they made several huge announcements, all regarding their 5th anniversary.

① Nega will release a “5th anniversary memorial selection” CD called NEGATIVISM on 2010-05-26 in two types (details not yet announced). The album will feature remasterings and rerecordings of old songs selected by the members of the band, along with some brand new songs! In total, the album will contain 13 tracks.

② We've waited for this one for a long time: on 2010-07-21, Nega will release VISUAL NEGATIVISM -complete-, a “5th anniversary all promotion clip complete” DVD! It will contain all of their old PVs (some are re-edited versions, probably to take out that fifth member) and some new ones as well!! In all, the DVD will contain 9 PVs!

③ The band will also be embarking on The Counting Song of the Depart[ure], a nationwide sponsored event tour to celebrate their 5th anniversary! The tour will kick off on 2010-05-15 with The Royal Negative StarZ, a twoman featuring Nega and Lycaon at ESAKA MUSE. The tour will continue all the way through 2010-06-27.

④ And finally, the really big one (at least for the band). On 2010-07-26, Nega will hold Depart[ure] ~審判の夜~ (Depart[ure] ~Shinban no Yoru~), a oneman that will take place at 渋谷 (Shibuya) O-WEST!! Furthermore, since it's a special event celebrating their anniversary, the band decided to set the price of the tickets at 1,000 yen!!


Huge, huge, huge news all around! The best album is sure to be great, especially with those rerecordings. And I know every fan of Nega has waited a long time for their PV collection—now we'll finally be able to see all those unreleased PVs from years ago! And we all know that a oneman at O-WEST is really important.

I'm really glad that nothing bad was announced, like many of us feared. The only thing that worries me is whatever that “Depart[ure]” title is all about. But then again, the last time that an UNDER CODE event used “departure” in the title was for something good...

What do you guys think? I'm sure some of you are already losing your mind over how you'll scramble together money :D


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anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
why re-edit pv's. jsut because one member isnt in it anymore >_>.

Persoanlly id prefer the proper pv's lol! but keen! which pv's were unreleased by the way?!

By asukayakuza1234
inartistic / March 03, 2010 Reply
I know, I kind of prefer that they be left in tact, for history's sake, but I suppose it kind of rains on their parade a bit to be reminded of another member who thought he was too good for them hahaha.

Hmmm, well, Soul cry and reminiscence I think?
Arithmetica / March 03, 2010 Reply
Oh I might get the anniversary CD! I've never bought anything from Nega and have only heard a small handful of their discography. Good CD to get into them with maybe? I think I'll pass on the PV collection, sounds cool but I don't watch PVs as much as I use to.

Yay for good news!
inartistic / March 03, 2010 Reply
Let's see, that makes two PVs, and then there are the ones released with dole/hole, then there's muddy cult, , Idle, and Haunted Jealousy. So... That's already 8 PVs, hahaha. I guess there will only be one new PV.

*detective cap*
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
That's pretty amazing =D !!

And finally those PVs will be released!
I've always wanted to see the one of "reminiscence".

By ivory_and_irony
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
omg, this is like CSI. if i never need a provate investiogator, im giving you a visit. lol.

Which member left the band, i dont really follow them even though i like them alot. Which band did he move on to + reasons?

I just like Nega because of Ray. loooove him.

By asukayakuza1234
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
They're taking Hiroki out of their PVs?

I hope Ray realizes that NEGA didn't get very far without him... next to Ray Hiroki had the largest fanbase before his "issue" happened.

By indra_yan
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
"Nega will release VISUAL NEGATIVISM -complete-"

Ffffuuuuu. Thank you, Nega. God damn took you long enough.

By teru
inartistic / March 03, 2010 Reply
What was his "issue"? I didn't like them until recently, so never paid attention!

But yeah, isn't Ray technically the leader anyway?! I'm sure he realizes it!
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
Hiroki had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend, and she killed herself. Her family sued Hiroki and that's when he left Nega. This was literally just before they released Illegitimacy, and this is also why you see the 5th person in the Utsu PV. Very sad story. :(

But Hiroki was such a beast live. He really brought the dark image to the band. To cut him out would suck. :(

By indra_yan
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply

By reita_camui
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
ya and mostly hiroki face was so called 'censored' off from the pv we all can see his figure but not his face which kind of sad.

By adeuslegend
Nozomi_luv / March 03, 2010 Reply
Nega and lycaon doing a twoman together!! sounds really kickass!!
It's too bad i can't attend it ;_;

~But I'm definitely getting that VISUAL NEGATIVISM -complete- dvd!!! :D I might also be getting their NEGATIVISM cd, but that really depends on the number of new songs featured in the tracklist :/

Thanks so much for this awesome, awesome news!!!
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
Aaaaaaah I need money >.< I already want the new SCREW singles, new Kiryu single, have to pay for the Chikasen lucky bag and bootleg DVD... and now this =.=

But I'm happy indeed!! I'm very very happy there's no bad news.

Though I'm a bit concerned about the "departure". I know they deserve it, but I don't want them to become major >.<

By hush_narumi
ralf_mako / March 03, 2010 Reply
maybe they are going to re-name themselves

the ray sunshine-band would be nice xD
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
Awesome news!!!

I'm a bit worried too about that "Departure" thing but oh well, we'll see.

By jani_kun
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
What's your source on that...?

By cultic
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
2ch (I know, lol). Everyone tried to figure out what the whole deal was with him leaving. I can't verify it's truth value %100, but its the most agreed upon answer to his leaving the band. What I do know is that some people did some SERIOUS digging into the whole thing and the general consensus is that its not a rumor.

Normally I don't trust the words of Japanese fans when it comes to news about bandmates leaving, but when there was THAT much of a hype over it, it was easy to tell Hiroki's departure was some serious business.

By indra_yan
anonymous / March 03, 2010 Reply
2ch also mostly agreed that Juka is into scatology, so I'm just going to remain unconvinced.

By cultic
inartistic / March 03, 2010 Reply