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Hello everyone~

A thought crossed my mind earlier today and so I have a couple questions to ask. How many of your are planning on buying NEGA's album VANITAS? I know I will be (still debating which type though) but for those of you who are, here's my next question:

What do you think about combining it into one order? The reason I ask this is because of the special privileges:
1) If you buy two types, you get the Making of their PV as well as a comment DVD.
2) When  you spend over 7000yen on an order you can choose which band DVD comment + a performance from their Kansai Seiatsu live.

So...I'm really not sure how you want to combine the orders? Depending on what people will buy? I was planning on buying NEGA photoset(s) as well. Suggestions?

I know there's also shipping costs and shopping service fee to look at too, but if anyone knows of a cheap site please let me know! ( I normally use this --> and I haven't had any bad experiences so far :] )

Any suggestions, comments, feedback of any kind are more than welcomed! ^__^

Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from some of you~

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ladyrevania / February 02, 2012 Reply
I'll probably order it with a friend, he will take one type, I'll take the other type and we will split the bonus items between us, then send the other one through the internet. I use this shopping service as well, I've never seen a cheaper one.
draincherry2021 / February 02, 2012 Reply
I'll be interested in doing a joint buy (I have a friend that might be interested too). I definitely want to get the Type [A] version and maybe some other items. I do know from joint/group buys that the more items in the order, the harder it gets to keep track of. So organization and a list of usernames and what they're getting is a good idea. Then there's the "is this joint order for only those looking to get Nega related items or a general UCP item buy" (Sense I'm assuming you're referring to the UCP web shop). Also finally since this is a group buy, how are the special privileges going to be divided up. This one is an important one because that is a deal breaker for some people and can cause some anger. I know this from experience.