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Megaromania oneman tour, tribute single, new costumes

First of all, Megaromania's new look has finally been officially revealed! Check out photos here and here.

Second, the band has announced a oneman tour to celebrate the release of their mini-album. The tour is called kingdom the emergence, and will be held throughout September. At each stop on the tour, Megaromania will freely distribute a tribute single (as in, the band will cover someone else's song). Each live will have its own version of the single with a different song.

CD release celebration oneman tour kingdom the emergence
2011-09-24 at 難波 (Nanba) ROCKETS
2011-09-25 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) HEART LAND
2011-09-29 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) O-WEST
Megaromania (oneman)
Megaromania Tribute Single freely distributed at each live (contents differ)

Megaromania -
Megaromania Tribute Single -A Type-
2011-09-24; 0 yen; live-limited tribute single CD
distributed freely at 2011-09-24 oneman
01. (Unspecified tribute song A)

Megaromania Tribute Single -B Type-
2011-09-25; 0 yen; live-limited tribute single CD
distributed freely at 2011-09-25 oneman
01. (Unspecified tribute song B)

Megaromania Tribute Single -C Type-
2011-09-29; 0 yen; live-limited tribute single CD
distributed freely at 2011-09-29 oneman
01. (Unspecified tribute song C)


What do you think about the new costumes? I seriously LOVE them! First, they look like cool European pirates or something—still Megaromania-esque, but just different enough that they're not boring. But more importantly, this is like the first time I think all the members look good. Usually Megaromania has a problem with ill-fitting costumes or ugly-ass makeup/hair, but everyone seems to be good this time! (even Hyoga |D)

Also, this really made me laugh: it was a huge deal when Megaromania announced their big oneman at O-WEST, but now they've just announced another one as if its nothing! I guess that means ticket sales went well, ahahahah~

Lastly, WHY DO YOU KEEP RELEASING LIVE-LIMITED STUFF? This will make 5 CDs, arghhh.


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Hyura / June 06, 2011 Reply
Wow, so many cool news today :DDDDD
I love tribute projects, hopefully I can buy those cover versions somehow. (I really hope there will be a schwardix song to be honest. :D)

and their new look is much cooler than I expected, Sui is very beautiful. I just think Hyogas scarf looks out of place.
inartistic / June 06, 2011 Reply
God damn it, Hyoga.
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
That's some amazing outfits!
(And like you said, even Hyoga's looking good!)

I'm even more excited now for the release of the mini-album!

By ivory_and_irony
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
They're very cool!

By xxgothic_dollxx
kumagoro666 / June 06, 2011 Reply
I feel so curious about their tribute singles, i expect a lot from them. And .......... I'm so in love with new Sui's look!!!! o_o
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
Aww I love Hyoga, he's my favorite. <3 He's always so nice to me.
I totally adore the new costumes! I wish they'd wear them on the 24th.
And I agree with the above comments, damn all those live limited things!

By rei_mitsukai
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
wow, they grow up!
I'm in love with Sui's new look since he posted photo of it and really happy that's everything ok with this band

By miyawaki_kasumi
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
User referenced to your post from Oneman tour and distributed singles saying: [...] Copypasting the information posted by   at the UC comm [...]

By pingback_bot
anonymous / June 06, 2011 Reply
o.oU yeah.

By necrae_x