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LIN Twitter Event

The twitter event had just ended and these are what among the members had tweeted.

These are Q&A so I just put in their answers. Not all ques from fans were answered

Musical influence

Kisaki - X JAPAN
Kanata - Michael Romeo
Reiya - Luna Sea
Riku - Kiyoharu


Kisaki - Super Mario Brothers
Riku - Street Fighter 4 Play online sometimes
Kanata - Final Fantasy 13

lol this is random:

A.DO* Hair make artist of Rin*- My favorite Game is SANMA NO MEITANTEI ! Do you know this??

A.DO*Hair make artist of Rin* - Yes, SANMA NO MEITANTEI is detective game. Let's play!


Kisaki - Elite Yankee SABUROU (Manga)
Riku - My favorite Manga is JOJO (JOJO = JoJo as in jojo's bizarre adventure.)

(Someone asked about his goggles)

The purpose of my putting on the goggle is to defend eyes when the wind is strong lol - Kanata

We want to go to everyone's country...! - members of Rin

I like clothes of ethnical. All clothes that I put on become brands. Because I am a rock star!! lol - RIKU

My favorite food is Peach! - Reiya

I don't know Vkei band from overseas. But, I want to live together some time. - KISAKI

Yes! I remember brazilian fans. I want to become a deep relation some time lol - KISAKI

Extra: "The end of corruption world" mean is end of "retrogression" and "abolished" world. Thanks! - Curestaff

(Random) Messages from the members

Message for my fans : Rin thinks about the world. The day when we can meet you will come some time. - RIKU

First CD drop out in June. You should surely obtain and listen! Moreover, let's meet !! - KISAKI


Q1 What kind of girl like?

Mizuki - I like cute girl.

Reiya - I like Gorgeousness and funny girl Reiya

Kanata - I like beautiful girl.

And CURE posted up some of their photoshoot pics! It's picture heavy!

If you prefer, click here to see the pictures.

They uploaded the pics at twtpic.

All member taking a picture!

Waiting Time - Reiya

Waiting Time...

KISAKI is taking a picture =) yay!

Everyone is serious


Rest a moment

Kanata, Reiya, Mizuki

And if you're wondering about the umbrella Mizuki has, this is the comment - "Yes, rainyday in

Tokyo! The umbrella that MIZUKI has is mine lol - Curestaff" XD

Riku funny face XD

Photo shoot is finished! Thank you everyone!!! see you next time :) love,Rin and Cure staff 

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anonymous / April 04, 2010 Reply
It was excellent fun - can't wait to hear the new music now XD

By psycleslut
rebirthreborn / April 04, 2010 Reply
Agree =) Added you as friend ^^
anonymous / April 04, 2010 Reply
Aah, I completely forgot about this being today! FAIL. But thanks for posting about it! Kisaki looks different...which is sorta strange, because Kisaki almost never looks different. XD

By akumu_kurai
rebirthreborn / April 04, 2010 Reply
Your welcome =D Yea... KISAKI's hair is unique, consider that he never change much for his hair XDD
inartistic / April 04, 2010 Reply
And he looks awesome because of it! I hope he has unique hair like this more in the future!
inartistic / April 04, 2010 Reply
Thank you very much :) I had to go to bed so I missed most of it (looks like I didn't miss a WHOLE lot though). I'm glad they addressed what “the end of corruption world” means. ...Too bad it still doesn't make much sense, hahaha.
Arithmetica / April 04, 2010 Reply
I didn't recognize him at first, he does look great :0
anonymous / April 04, 2010 Reply
Sleep won out over the event, but those pics are amazing.I love the overall look.

Question: Is it actually Rin or Lin...? It seems that no one can decide which one it is... including the members! XD

By foreverdevotion
inartistic / April 04, 2010 Reply
I'm like 80% sure it's Lin.

When UNDER CODE's OHP makes mistakes regarding names, it usually stems from making them... Less western, I guess you'd call it? Like, the OHP would maybe say “KAREN” or “DARI,” when both of those incorrect. I don't think they would make a name more western (i.e., romanizing with an L) on accident.

Also, KISAKI must have had some direct involvement in planning Lin's reveal through INDIVISUAL, because it was so coordinated and involved information that wasn't public yet. So when INDIVISUAL romanized the band's name as “Lin,” there must have been a reason (since I doubt any professional translator would arbitrarily use an L instead of an R).

Finally, the guys from Lin don't know English, so a translator made those tweets for them. (You can tell by the consistent grammatical mistakes.) So that person romanized as “Rin” because that's the romanization a translator would assume if they didn't know otherwise.

So yeah, just wanted to provide my backing evidence. You can call them Rin if you'd like, and there will probably be no conclusive proof otherwise, but I'm pretty sure that it's Lin!
rebirthreborn / April 04, 2010 Reply
Your welcome =)

Yea, the meaning of "the end of corruption" is a little not what I expected XD me and some other twitters RT this lots of time to know the meaning lol
anonymous / April 04, 2010 Reply
Thank you, I missed that too!

It was fun to read, and the pic are great (but I still don't know if I like KISAKI's new hair, well, since he's KISAKI I think I love them anyway

I want to hear their music soon :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

By swimi
anonymous / April 04, 2010 Reply
KISAKI should always keep his hair like that, for like EVER!! That hairstyle on him is seriously sexy as if he already wasn't sexy before ;]

By bunnyshoxx
anonymous / April 04, 2010 Reply
haha thank you very much for the clarification! It is greatly appreciated. :)

By foreverdevotion