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Lin's threeman club tour + extra

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced a three-date, three-city, three-band tour. Each of the three bands represents a different region--Lin as Osaka, Lycaon as Nagoya, and UnsraW as Tokyo--and each stop of the tour will be in one of those regions. Some sort of “secret project” will be held at each stop.

Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka CLUB TOUR BATTLE CIRCUS 2011
2011-05-08 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) STAR LOUNGE
2011-05-13 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) HEART LAND
2011-05-15 at 難波 (Nanba) ROCKETS

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Lycaon, UnsraW

Also, these two things aren't really worthy of individual posts, so I'll stick them here: 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has a new flyer up, which you can see here. (I like it much more than their last!) Also, the details of that 1st anniversary festival I mentioned will be revealed on 2011-04-01.

I bet those will be some great shows! Wonder what the secret project is though.


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anonymous / February 02, 2011 Reply
I hope they make a DVD from the 1st Anniversary

By rikic
Hyura / February 02, 2011 Reply
O(≧▽≦)O aaah~
that's good news! I can see them~ finally!