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Lin oneman DVD re-announced

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has finally re-announced a live DVD containing footage from their first oneman live, an epidemic of “OVERTURE”. (Remember, that's the live that was originally held on June 18th, but was cancelled after 5 minutes due to a pyrotechnic malfunction—it was then postponed to August 7th.)

The DVD was actually announced way back in June, but the release date of September came and went with no updates ( and I thought it had been canceled!). Well, it seems that they were taking that time to upgrade a few things!

The DVD will still cost only 4,830 yen, but it will now include a beautiful jacket and a signed trading card (of 5 total). Furthermore, in addition to live footage, the DVD will also include offshot footage and the band's complete PV collection. But there's even more: the first 500 people who buy the release will receive a bonus DVD which will include footage of the infamous 5 minute show from June 18th (as well as an offshot from the same day)! However, the DVD can only be purchased through the official web shop or at lives, so plan ahead!

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
an epidemic of “OVERTURE” -2011.8.07 OSAKA BIG CAT-
2011-12-25; 4,830 yen; live + offshot + PV DVD; complete limited pressing
official web shop and live limited
includes 1 of 5 random signed trading cards
includes PV collection (first press only)
official web shop privilege: 5 minute live + offshot DVD
01. 凛 (Rin)
02. Feeling Universe
04. Fake Dance
05. Sterilization
06. Metamorphose
08. Flowers Bloom
09. Call Back
10. (offshot footage)
11. As If Forever Exists. (PV)
12. Metamorphose (PV)
13. Silent To My Pain (PV)
14. Flowers Bloom (PV)


I'm really glad that the release wasn't cancelled after all! And now it sounds a million times better, especially for that price! Any of you planning to buy it?


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anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
This is just full of awesome XD Totally buying it!
Don't know if I really want to see that five minutes... That memory still hurts a little... Interesting that they decided to include it.

By rei_mitsukai
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
Yay so glad they are selling this again. Very tempted to buy this..

Are you going to do a group order for this? That way I am pretty sure I will buy this, got no other way to get it otherwise. So put me down for a group order if you're doing one!

By takatorireiji
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
ah well !!! im happy and i will buy this !!
but i thought they will release the full live
2.Feeling Universe
4.Fake Dance
5.Silent To My Pain
7.In stin ctive(ドラムソロ)
9.Royal Blood
10.Walking in the rain
11.As If Forever Exists.
13.Lost in the mist of time.
14.Flowers Bloom
15.Call Back

np, better than nothing, buy this <3

By rikic
Satsuki974 / October 10, 2011 Reply
Oh, finally an update !

Mmmhh...I prefered the full live =\
It's a bit disappointing, only 9 tracks and we already see a lot of them.
I hope it will be available on CDJapan...
ambiantcosmo / October 10, 2011 Reply
I will buy it! (>ω<)<br /> It makes a perfect christmas present for myself!
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
Oho, Merry Christmas, me.

By holstering
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
So the DVD will have footage of the state being on fire?

By uglyvkfanxxx69
inartistic / October 10, 2011 Reply
Oh hm, I didn't even notice! Well, like you said, better than nothing.
inartistic / October 10, 2011 Reply
Yeah, I didn't notice that until you guys pointed it out. Kind of disappointing! But it's still a pretty good value.

And yeah, I hope it will be available there too!
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
OMG! I so now what I want in my stocking this Christmas! So much Lin goodness in one product! *excitement*

By bunnyshoxx
inartistic / October 10, 2011 Reply
Omg your icon
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
OMG I want your icon bunnyshoxx~ also if there is a group order I really want to get this ^.^ SO COOL *is excited*

By coffee_nosesock
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
It wasn't on fire. It was just a smoke machine effect that malfunctioned - so there was smoke everywhere and you couldn't breathe.

By rei_mitsukai
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
Well that's not as exciting as I had hoped for :( . Mizuki dancing around on fire would have been one hell of a show.

By uglyvkfanxxx69
xMayaku / October 10, 2011 Reply
i'm disappointed there will only be 9 songs (and we already saw Rin, Fake Dance and Flowers Bloom on the other DVDs...)... so I won't buy it, in the end :/
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
yes, 5/9 song is already released as live...
but i buy it, cause im curious about new scene and i wanna support them !

By rikic
anonymous / October 10, 2011 Reply
it's full of Lin-win isn't it? Kisakitty~~ x]

By bunnyshoxx