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Lin fansite

I started to make a fansite for my favorite band around February. Sometimes i didn't have enough time or mood for it, so the site is still under construction. I try to do my best to finish and make better the site in few months.
Please check it often ^ - ~

- Members: Done
- Biography: Done
- Discography: Done
- Goods: Under Construction, cause i have to thinking about something good style
- Gallery: Under Construction, honestly, i have no idea, i think i dont have right to share magazine photos
- Live History: Under Construction, really busy work, it needs many many information
- Lyrics:  Under Construction, i have every song's text in japanese, romaji and the translation, just i have to put it.
- Interview: I didn't translated still any, and i think i can't share magazine interviews because of copyright (?)

and thanks for inartistic to hosting my site ^ ^


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anonymous / March 03, 2012 Reply
Nice work mate! Really liking it so far :D
Good work on the lyrics too, I see you finally got Foolish done! Awesome, I know you asked about it some time ago, glad you got them done :)

By takatorireiji
anonymous / March 03, 2012 Reply
Already one of my favorite!

I especially like the "Specials" section in the discography: I got some of them but I can check what I'm still missing! :D

And thanks to your work in the "Lyrics", I can finally understand what it's all about!

Thank you for this site!

By lamourfantastiq