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KISAKI PROJECT new release

Ok, so this isn't official yet, hence the member-locked post.

But anyway, KISAKI posted some photos recently, and, although they're tiny as usual, they've revealed KISAKI PROJECT's next plans a little early. First, the evidence in question: exhibit A and exhibit B.

From the first photo, we can see that KISAKI PROJECT did some new photography (SATSUKI previously didn't wear lipstick), so that's cool. The bit of text we can see announces a new release: the vertical line is likely part of 「 (quotation mark), and below that is CD, below that is the Japanese phrase for tracklisting, and below that is LIVE. So my guess is that at least one type (if there are multiples) contains a live DVD.

Things I can't make out: below the word LIVE, there's “《Bass&”, but I can't think of any meaning for that. Bass and vocals rerecorded -versions? Also, at the bottom, we also see the word KISAKI and the forehead of some guy.


The second photo is a shot of the same flyer, but in the design stages. This one is tiny and so a lot harder to work with. However, we can see that the release is titled in the form 「X -yyyy yyyyyy」 (I can't make out any characters beyond that). We can also see that it will be released on 2012-02-13!

Now, you might notice that there are two smaller blocks of text below the main one. In UNDER CODE's flyer style, this usually indicates more releases, advertisements for old releases, or celebration lives. Or the blocks might also be explanations of multiple types. But I can't say for sure—any clues/ideas?

Finally, the lower half of the flyer appears to be an advertisement for a live; we see that “KISAKI PROJECT (japanese)” band that was hinted at in the first picture, and, at the very bottom, we see Ikebukuro CYBER. So definitely a live; looks like a two day sponsored event, in my opinion. Finally, keeping in mind that the bottom half of the flyer is for a live, I looked back at the first picture and I'm now thinking that “forehead guy” is HIDEAKI of DAS:VASSER (check the latest photo of them).


So! Total results: new release on February 13th, may or may not have multiple types, but one of them probably has a live DVD attached (or live recordings?). Furthermore, a new event, possibly two days, but at least featuring DAS:VASSER. Maybe.

Any other clues that you've noticed? Thoughts?


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xMayaku / November 11, 2011 Reply
I think that... This IS a thorough analysis :')

I would love to hear another release with Satsuki, 1 song is clearly not enough.

Btw... Satsuki really looks like Leda (DELUHI) on this picture ^^"
nhuie / November 11, 2011 Reply
Kisaki said on his twitter that exhibit A was a scrapped design ^_^;;; And the entry with exhibit B says the work at the designer's office is 70% done, so I think B is the new A, only just over half done ^___^v

Also a little while ago, he mentioned on his blog some re-recording for Kisaki Project, and something about it being a being 8:30 minute song, and a photo of the lyrics to Wasurenagusa... so it's probably that.

Aaannnd... the X part of X -yyyy yyyyyy from exhibit B is probably 想, thoughts, I guess. <(^o^)<br />
inartistic / November 11, 2011 Reply
Thanks for the additional information! I was completely unaware of the "8:30 minute song" thing, but I like Wasurenagusa lot, so that's really exciting~

Good guess! I almost want to say the -yyyyyy- is "Eternity Color," but then I realize that's only in my head because ex-Synside Lin released a CD of the same name |D
nhuie / November 11, 2011 Reply
Stealing from Synside Lin again I see! Just taking his name isn't good enough~~ \(>O<)/ I also see Eternity!!
kumagoro666 / November 11, 2011 Reply
amazing news dear detective! every kisaki project release is always good to know.
About the lipstick, it's cool but i don't know if that's the best choice.... maybe because i'll always think in Satsuki like the long blond hair he has in Rentrer en soi, he doesn't look so Satsukish lol i was sure it was a another artists til' i read your comment lol