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I just had one of those "OMG HOW HAVE I NOT JOINED THIS COMM YET????" moments.
Delete this if it isn't allowed

Anyway, my goal is to fill this blogcrew with almost all j-artists and I've noticed a very large [and somewhat surprising] lack in applications for UNDER CODE artists. WHATS WRONG WIT'CHOOZ???? I really really am hoping that the members of this comm will be able to help! I really am amazed that no one has even requested to be someone from 12012, Vidoll and Phantasmagoria ....or Ryuuto-chan. X'D
Click 'join' at the end of the blogcrew join. ^^;;

Blog Crew as of April 20/09:
Ritsuka as Shizumi Crevettola as DJ OZMA Ultramarinelime as Ruki Kazu as Gackt Renny as Kami Nagashiwa as YASU Hina as Naoran Petitepierrot as Mana Kewliopenguin as Miyavi Lifeisnyaa as Aoi Ryuu as Reita Toukohater as Ryo RukixTora as Manabu Kat as T.M. Revolution Purplekissesx as Yukke Emiru as Kamijo Kat as SUGIZO Mikaotchi as Tara Spike as Yuuki Akuma as Miku Pazita as Show-yan Maazuki as HIZUMI Diana as Yamada Ryosuke Emi as Kaoru Holli as ZERO XERO as Takeru Riesha as Uruha Toxie as Matsu Marcsi as Nishikido Ryo PJAE as Hiroshi Shibasaki Kim as Keito Okamoto Misu as Takuya Sachi as Maya Mila as Aki Asuka as Yaotome Hikaru Moga as KING Love Dokkyun as Hoshi Grandmarnier Want to join?


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