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iTunes digital copies of all Undercode releases

Hello everybody :)

I don't know if this post is really useful (since a lot of people don't like to buy  mp3s), but it was just to warn you about that :

All of the upcoming Undercode releases are going to be on sale on iTunes store ! It is a good way to get all the songs you want, the day they are out, for about 1€ per song ! Even some old releases are available (like old sold-out chariots or clearveil releases, singles from Phantasmagoria...)

I also know that it does not concern every iTunes store in the world. Indeed, in the USA, someone told me that it was not working... But I checked, and most of the european and asian stores are ok :) That's all !

Spread the UCP love ! Support the bands you like !


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anonymous / March 03, 2011 Reply
i just checked the us store and it doesn't show any new stuff.

By takagackthyde
ralf_mako / March 03, 2011 Reply
Amazon also sells their mp3's ^^

Maybe our American friends can purchase UC's releases their? :)
inartistic / March 03, 2011 Reply
UNDER CODE neglects both US iTunes and US Amazon. So we are screwed! But Europe and Japan is fine :D