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Futurism•Boyz revealed

So here was be being skeptical it was Arc when all the signs pointed to it being Arc.......

Well Futurism Boyz...are indeed Arc

The line up hasn't changed but their names have

Vocal - CO-
Guitar - ユキヒロ
Bass - BB
Drums & Prog. -
俊 (Shun kept his the same)

They also have their new Ameba!

Edit with their Twitter!



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anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
im think, its full Arc. or 3/4 is Arc sure!
i dont think because of a band name change they will be good.

By rikic
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
It's definately all of Arc I know them too well to not recognise them!

I think it was a but silly really too! It was an unessarcy disbandment and abscence >< they might have well just ahnged the name rather than just disband to start!

Well I think they will still be good to be honest cause they work well as a band!

By rave_andou
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
I know I think it all was unesscary and they are my favourite band xD! Plus the fact they literally disappeared off the fact of the earth when Arc disbanded and lost alot of their fans because of it >< It's not the best "New Period" as they have put it.

I am excited but I think it was a stupid roundabout way for it really

By rave_andou
inartistic / July 07, 2011 Reply
The one good thing I can say: at least there wasn't a ton of buildup. I suppose KISAKI knew that would be really disappointing, so that's why he just mentioned them like a week before their reveal.

Well, like I said (somewhere): I would have been disappointing either way. I wish they would at least have two new members or something, but oh well.
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply

By ivory_and_irony
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
Ahaha I think.....I might end up being one of the only excited ones (I know of the other XD!!)

I mean for me...I get my favourite band back and the oppurtunity to see them again at xmas.

I did hope for newness about this band but...I don't care cause I got the boyz back ;D

By rave_andou
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply

By jani_kun
nhuie / July 07, 2011 Reply
Arc got a layer of glitter paint. ^_^;; I'd think the image was cute if I didn't know they were just Arc >_> Now I don't know what to think...
inartistic / July 07, 2011 Reply
Well hey, I'm excited too! I only started liking Arc very late (disliked them for a long time, then suddenly all their music was great to me) so I never had a chance to properly support them. So this is a chance to fix that :)

...As long as they don't release a billion dist stuff! (Let's go in together when they release multiple types, so we can get those damn privileges!)
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
AHaha I've always loved them a bit too much... ahahaha XD -looks at my stack of Arc merch >>- Yes we should do that!! I really want their new release so much (can only ever get one) but fff it comes with a DVD if you buy both so its like BAH WHY DO I HAVE NO MONEY T0T

By rave_andou
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply


Sorry. But really, I knew this was going to happen.

Well, I didn't know but I had a theory about it. Let me repeat it, since everyone seems to be confused about why they did this. To me it's really clear why indeed.

So, my theory is that after seven years of following the concept "children who don't want to grow old" the members of Arc noticed that at the age of 26 they might want to grow up after all. But Arc was all about being children forever and I think they made music fitting to that concept. And because not all bands want to just randomly change their direction and the name of the band, since that kind of stuff really confuses fans (like we saw with Vidoll), but rather to cherish the idea the band have had during the years they decided to disband Arc and form a new band, with a new concept and a new name.

All signs pointed to this. Their final song "Good by my" was all about heading towards new things and leaving the old self (read: in Arc's case the Peter Pan image) behind with a good feeling. And then FUTURISM•BOYZ came up with completely the same idea: advancing towards new directions.

I'm really excited about this since I've been an Arc fan for five years and I already missed hearing KO-JI's voice again. Also I read their ameblo profile and they mentioned R&B as a genre they'll play, and mind me saying I utterly love songs like Sora. Itsuka from Arc. In my opinion KO-JI stands strong with those kind of songs since he can really pull off a sensitive and delicate voice if he wants to.

I'm sorry for all of you who have already decided you don't like this band but I've got to say this: It's not Arc. It might have the same members as Arc, but I believe they they will compose songs with more maturity now.

I think I've said everything there is. I'm looking forward to their release with great excitement and I'm sure they won't disappoint me.

Also, in addition I'm going to mention that I might possess a KO-JI radar. I just seem to know where he is...

By tsuki_no_yuugi
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
ahaha yeah I had a sneaky suspicion too but I was put off by the fact I heard a rumor from someone who worked for undercode that they were leaving the label completely and the fact there hadn't been a word of them since they disbanded! But then more and more signs pointed out it would be Arc. So its less of a surprise but at the same time I was shocked and happy they are back.

Although I have to disagree in a sense while I agree that its not Arc and the music will be reminiscense in this....I feel the music will still be very very relatable to Arc's music. I've been a fan pretty much since close to their begining and een when they had that original "Style and music change" It was still quite clearly them xD! I think just more of the Genre will change over anything! (And the fact Shun is also the "Prog" now too is something I'm very looking forwards to in their music!

I'm excited too and I knew you would be too ahahah! (and it means Imight get to see the boys live again at christmas *0*)!

And I know what you mean about the Ko-ji radar I have a kinda Shun radar and in the original preview image I did thing automatically that it was Shun before thinking nahhhhhhhh XD

By rave_andou
Arithmetica / July 07, 2011 Reply
ahahaha wat.

Cool Arc is back, I liked some songs but I wasn't a huge fan by any means.
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
Please tell me why we're not already best friends since we both seem to be part of the few people all head over heels for Arc. XD

I also think the band will offer a comfortable Arc-ish feeling for those who're familiar with the band, but it also might as well offer a different point of view for those who have hated Arc since the first time they heard them. Or I hope it will. I'm really sad to see that so many people have already decided not to like this band. It's alright if you're just not generally interested, like I'm not generally interested in any band :D But I've read both this thread and another forum and seen way too many "I have no interest in this cuz Arc sucked" posts and that's just unfair.

When they tried that first style and music change I think they succeeded at first. :D They really did a major change from oshare to heavier visual kei. After few releases though I think they forgot they had changed and started crawling back towards oshare again. Many of the latest songs by Arc are in my opinion completely oshare. XD But they did get better! So I think this will be like Arc but maybe tad a bit better and more mature. Though I hope they've not given up on their enthusiasm on stage.

But why oh why there's so few Arc fans out there...

By tsuki_no_yuugi
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
ahahah yeah! I don't know why I remember I comment on some arc fic you wrote agesss back! THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE ARC FANS OUT THERE! But at the same time I'm glad there arent loads of fans means the more for us and I get put off alot of bands by the crazy insane fans who ruin it >< But being such a small fandom makes it hard to get releases and stuff or extra stuff (and me being a Shun fan omfg....nothing of him is ever put up for sale cause no one buys it in the first place T0T!) I rememeber when I saw them the other three had Cheki sell out! And I was sad Shun hadn't even sold one.....but at the same time I was glad cause it meant I could buy them all!! (this happened twice too XD!)

Exactly I think them "disbanding" rather than carry on at that time under a new name means they really do want people to see them AS a new band not as Arc and its not fair people aren't giving a chance to start out ><<br />
Ahaha knowing those guys they will be as awesome and crazy/entusiastic as ever!! Fffff I'm so excited for the new release now T0T I must have it XD!!

By rave_andou
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
You really are a genius!

By bunnyshoxx
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
"I suppose KISAKI knew that would be really disappointing"

By bunnyshoxx
anonymous / July 07, 2011 Reply
At the same that I am happy their back, I am dissapointed they changed to this horrible name. Arc was a much cooler name and was already established in the scene.
This is dissapointing!

KISAKI! I know they're your friends but come on!

By bunnyshoxx
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
I didn't particularly like Arc but I'll give them another go in this new incarnation - still think it's a bit of a swizz though *pfft*

Another thought occurs to me - with this band and ReaLies what the hell is going on at UCP Towers atm? All this Glitter-pop-VK ... hmm ... Seriously I'm a little confused here, not to mention slightly concerned

By psycleslut
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
Yeah, having a small fandom is somewhat pain and somewhat gain. :D It really gives me the kind of feeling of power when I think that I was the first to listen to Arc out of those 10 people who now listen to it in Finland. I kind of feel like importing the band here. It doesn't make me an elitist and hardly any even knows that I was the first one... but it's still nice to know. ^-^

But the pain is that you don't really have friends to talk with about the band. I have one friend who liked Arc as much as I did and is as excited about FUTURISM•BOYZ as I am. For other bands people arrange small meet ups like "Let's have a Gazette meet up! Let's have a X Japan meet up! Let's have an Aicle meet up!" and that sort of stuff. If I arranged an Arc/FUTURISM•BOYZ meet up there would be one person showing up with me. And I already talk to her daily so... :D

Haha, I'm a KO-JI fan to death. :D Though yesterday I had to admit my idol is a jerk and completely nuts.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking about forming FUTURISM•BOYZ! They probably formed a new band because Arc had a certain kind of image that in the end might've hold them back a bit. So they wanted a new band and a fresh start because they didn't want the Arc image to stop them gaining new fans with new music. It's happening anyway though and that is really sad. People still think "This is Arc with a different name" rather than "This is the new band of the ex members of Arc".

I already managed to find out these guys are just as stupid as before. :D I read their blog and in one entry Yuki(hiro) said "We'll deliver crazily cool music for sure!" And in the next entry KO-JI (negative carbon monoxide, it was his fault to pick up such a stupid name) said: "We're not a cool band!!"
They're having musical differences already. XDDD

By tsuki_no_yuugi
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
Thank you. ^-^

Well, I'm actually not a genius but... I just have a lot of theories.

By tsuki_no_yuugi