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Cu[be] tracklisting

KISAKI posted this shot from the designing of the cover for Cu[be]'s upcoming single.

Wellll~ Although the shot is too small to read directly, I can tell that it's the back cover and that those strings of text are probably song names. Comparing them to known unreleased Cu[be] songs, I'm fairly confident that I have the tracklisting! So here it is (but remember that I could be wrong):

Cu[be] -
Twilight ST★R
2011-09-07; 1,575 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-298
01. Twilight ST★R
02. Colorless Device
03. the last wedding.

As I mentioned in a previous post, they have another unreleased song, ロジカルシューター (LOGICAL SHOOTER), but that will be distributed to those who attend both days of the band's [box in the Schrödinger] oneman. However, they have another unreleased song called chain memory—I wonder if that will ever see the light of day...


So what do you think? Those titles seem to match up right? At any rate, I'm excited—as long as the light-sounding title doesn't indicate a sudden change of musical style. But what about you guys, are any of you planning to buy Cu[be]'s new single?


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anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
Wow! I had completely forgot about these guys! Glad they are releasing something new!

By anonymous
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
Oho! Those titles really look like the ones in that image!
I wonder when they will reveal the tracklist for Vior's single :/ it's coming out in like, no time.

By necrae_x
Hyura / August 08, 2011 Reply
Wwww everytime I read *box in the schrödinger* I have to laugh.

Curious for the sound, though!
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
No idea why my comment went as anon @__@

By bunnyshoxx